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03 November 2016

A Cute Fall Gameday Look

Holy nap time needed, y'all. Those of you on the East Coast - God Bless YOU! What time did you make it to bed last night? 1am? Later? Was I secretly hoping they'd roll out the tarp and the game would finish at a reasonable hour the following evening --- NOOOO! Maybe. Ok, I was. My bedtime is 10pm, sometimes 10:30pm if I'm feeling really young and crazy.  

Oh well, small price to pay for what I would consider to be the best baseball game I've ever seen, and I didn't even have a dog in the fight. 

So, congrats to you Cubs fans, you really managed to put things into perspective for me. Here I am, crying out WOE IS ME all over Knoxville, all over Dallas, because Tennessee Football is in an 18 year drought. If WHEN Tennessee (obviously not this year) wins the National Championship, I'll lose my absolute mind. My mind will literally be lost, and we are only going on 18 years. Shoot, I totally lost it when Tennessee beat Florida to end an 11 year streak. I cannot fathom how high I would be riding today if my team ended a 108 year curse. 

So, again, CHEERS to you, Cubbies! Enjoy it. 

Speaking of Tennessee though, I've been searching high and low this season to find you guys new small businesses, boutiques and shops to buy your gameday gear from. I hope you'll love today's collaboration as much as I do. Meet Gameday Couture and Shop Flying Fox

If you are a Shark Tank watcher like I am, you might recognize Gameday Couture when they formed a partnership with my boy, Mark Cuban on the show in 2014. They produce the cutest, fashionable, gameday gear for everything from your favorite NCAA team to NBA team. This Tennessee Power T Quilted Puffer Vest (also available in other schools too) is so unique and guaranteed to get all of the gameday compliments.

Use code: VENUSTRAPPEDINMARS for 15% off your order at Gameday Couture

Shop Flying Fox is a NOLA based shop created by Tiffany Napper. Once the (*ahem* stupid, IMO) clear bag rule came around a few years ago, Shop Flying Fox was founded in an effort to make the perfect clear, stadium approved bag. See Also: The Devil Wears Ziplock

Shop Flying Fox's stadium approved bag is the cutest. I've worn it to the Vols at Texas A&M game and the Bama vs. Vols game and got compliments the entire walk to the stadium. It is absolutely perfect for gameday, and won't make you feel like you're carrying around a freezer bag. 

I hope you'll check out these two companies, I think you're going to dig them! 

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