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12 July 2016

Things To Do On Vacation in Virginia Beach

Things To Do On Vacation in Virginia Beach

What is with July?! I feel like my life is moving way too fast and I'm just barely hanging on. Even on a weekend CB and I have no plans, we end up stuffed to the brim with plans! I normally would love this, but I feel like I haven't had the chance to catch my breath in over a month. This weekend will be no different, as we head to Austin for CB's birthday. I'd normally be asking you guys for all of the suggestions on where to go, and more importantly, what to eat but I think my goal for the weekend will be to somewhat unplug and just focus on hanging out celebrating the man I love, just the two of us! 

Over the 4th of July we went to VA Beach to spend an extended weekend with my momma! We flew in Wednesday night and flew out the following Tuesday. I grew up in Richmond, but oddly enough, didn't grow up spending Summer in VA Beach. We were more likely to drive to the Outer Banks, Hilton Head or my favorite place on Earth, Disney World. Bobby, her now husband has a fantastic beach house just a few blocks from the ocean on 78th street. It's been fun getting to go to the beach when I go home to visit, instead of the high school reunion that I'm not a fan of at all in Richmond. High School just wasn't my thing, and by "my thing" I mean it was pretty much 4 years of torture. College was definitely my calling in life! 

We kicked our trip off right with $3 Bloody Mary's and brunch at Mahi Mah's right on the oceanfront! 

Things To Do On Vacation in Virginia Beach

In hindsight, we really should have gone to the beach on this day, since the weather was picture perfect. As it turned out, the weather was not our friend, at all, on this trip. Instead of beaching it though, we went out on the boat for a little fishing. 

CB caught a water frog mud toad thing, and about 578 crabs. I on the other hand, being a far more naturally skilled fisherman than my boyfriend, caught two very large flounder. Sad CB was sad that he was out fished by his girl. Too bad, so sad, go home and tell your dad. 

I also caught a crab, he frightened me.

This is random, but that's Pharrell's  house in the background ^^^! Someone should tell him he has crabs....

My mom caught a great big fish. By that, I mean, we are pretty sure he accidentally ran into her line and got stuck. 

Kinda cute little guy though!

My Mom and Bobby have been to a vast majority of restaurants in VA Beach, so that first night I was determined to find somewhere they had never been before. That place was Metropolitan Oyster Exchange. We just happened to be there when house bottles of wine were a mere $10. Coincidence? I think not! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LITTLE JOINT! Casual but delicious and the oysters were so good we got seconds! 

The next night was the blender party, and I was ready to go with my watermelon margaritas. I get there to setup shop, and wouldn't you know the lady next to me was serving.....


As any good marketing strategist would, I rebranded immediately and called mine "popsicle margaritas" instead. They gave out 3 total trophies (there were only 5 contestants) and I was not awarded one. I'm not going to cry CONTEST RIGGING.... but.... CONTEST RIGGING.

Everyone who grabbed one of my popsicle margaritas was totally wowed by the presentation. I felt good about it, even if I didn't get some STOOPID TROPHY.

Frank, a great friend of my Mom and Bobby, rode his AMAZING bar bike to the party. You guys, this thing was a dream. Paint that bike yellow or pink, put a basket with fresh flowers on it and I swear it would break instagram. Shoot, it might break instagram, as is. I might post it later today, just to see what happens. If there's an insta outtage, you'll know it was my fault. 

I mean.... that thing is insane. Gimmie. 

Saturday brought picture perfect beach weather.
And Corona.

I got this hat for my Mom for her bday back in early May and have been bursting at the seams trying to keep it a secret. I bought it on Etsy from Blue Sky's and Sunshine Shop. HIGHLY recommend buying a custom hat from there, the price point was great and there was no limit on the number of characters on the hat, which was a problem I kept running into. 

I think it turned out PERFECT and my Mom absolutely loved it! 

Even though the rest of the week brought some pretty lousy weather, we made the most of it by strolling the boardwalk and chowing down on lots and lots of seafood! 

The Shrimp Po Boy from Ocean House Seafood Restaurant

Colorful little storage shacks located right on the beach. 

Bike rentals are always available, just beware of dummies who don't understand the difference between a bike path and a pedestrian walk way.   

Taste Unlimited has a ton of locations and actually even offers delivery right on the oceanfront! Perfect if you're lazy and didn't pack sandwiches for a beach day. It is really cute though, so maybe just throw on a coverup and make the drive! 

I'll end with this photo of the small amusement park where CB won the small banana you saw me showing off on snapchat

Would I have liked the big banana that was also offered? 
Perhaps, but sometimes the small banana is all you really need. 
Hah. Banana jokes.


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