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13 July 2016

How To Macrame A Plant Hanger || A State of the Blog Union Address

 To be a "profitable" blogger these days, it feels like being a fantastic writer is simply a secondary asset you must possess. Now, if I've said it once I've said it a million times, I am not a great writer. I did absolutely terrible in english classes in college. I'd work so hard on an English paper only to get it handed back to me with a C+ on it. I did pretty well in college, grade-wise (and drinking-wise), so a C+ was really very depressing for me. 

I did much better in journalism classes, which tends to give a little more personality wiggle room. What I mean by that is I tend to write like I speak. I like to joke, I like to be casual, I like to pretend I'm writing to a good pal. I don't write using big words, I really just don't write at a high intelligence level. 

I hope you guys aren't reading this as if I think I'm stupid, I don't think I'm stupid at all. I just don't write... well... advanced, I guess you could say. I hope I'm not digging myself into a hole here! 

Either way, to be a profitable blogger these days, it seems like being a great writer isn't necessarily a prerequisite. I'm just making a statement here, but the highest paid BLOGGERS write very, very little on their blogs. Why? Because they are fashion bloggers making 7 figures. 

Still though, I tell anyone I meet to start a blog. 
Let me tell you a story that is kind of fascinating now that I'm sitting back and thinking about it. 

My friend Larissa just started a new chapter in her life. She quit her job and is now looking for her next adventure, her new story. I told her... YOU SHOULD START A BLOG, I'LL HELP! 

She said, "You know, that sounds fantastic! What do I need to know?"

I said.....

1. You need a design. I can help with that. I'll get you up and running. 

2. You're going to need to start taking more photos. Take photos of everything, everywhere you travel. Every adventure you go on. Every cocktail you have. SNAP PICTURES AT ALL TIMES! 

3. You should download A Color Story app on your phone, so you can edit all your photos. Buy all the filters. 

4. You need an Instagram account. You can't be a blogger without an Instagram account. 

5. Let's work on hashtag lists for your new Instagram account. Here are 30 hashtags that I think will help your photo get some publicity. 

6. You need a Pinterest account. And of course Facebook and Twitter.

7. Are you on Snapchat?! You have to have snapchat so people can really get a feel for the REAL you! Not your Instagram you, the REAL you! 

It is right about now, looking back on this conversation, when I put my hand to my head and want to scream *face palm*. 

When I first started blogging it was about writing and entertaining. I'm not saying my blog isn't about that now, I still think it is. I hope it is at least! 


Being a profitable, successful blogger these days is so much more than having a place on the internet with a domain name and text on the screen. You need to be a photographer and editor, a social media specialist, an instagram expert, a master at DIY or cooking or cocktail making or fashion, a savvy business person, a creative genius, an HTML wizard, an SEO aficionado, proficient at photoshop, an innovator, a workhorse..... etc. etc. etc. 

It is intense! 

I have an office that is now basically filled to the brim and being used as craft and prop storage. CRAFT STORAGE PEOPLE. I HATE CRAFTS!! WHAT AM I DOING? I'm having Pineapple Parties, and making money "BLOGGING", that's what I'm doing. 

Arts and Crafts Time With Veenie... aka... VTIM Headquarters  

I sound like I'm hating on blogging, I'm not. I love blogging. I love what blogging used to be and I honestly love what it has become. I love pineapple parties too, so sue me. I'm just fascinated by how it has changed so quickly over the last few years.

When I first started blogging, I used to hate posting photos on Instagram because I wanted to save those photos for a blog post. Now, it's the complete opposite. 

I'm working on a client design right now that was a breath of fresh air. I asked for her social media links and she said she didn't want to include those, it would just be a space for her to write and share her thoughts. 

Bravo, I thought! 

Writing? Sharing thoughts? What kind of a blog IS THIS???! Where are the tips and tricks? Where are the recipes? Show me how to macrame a plant hanger RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!! 

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