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03 October 2010

Tony Romo Fan Club Is Dead

Since I care so much about Fantasy Football, I'm automatically assuming you care as well. Here is the bad news, I'm nearly last in the league because I have paid very little attention to the league thus far. Reasons why I have not paid attention:

1. Week one I was out of town and couldn't focus.
2. Week two I became obsessed with Dexter and had no time to change my lineup. For those of you who don't watch Dexter, go to your local video store or netflix and rent it immediately. Keep in mind though it is quite possibly the most addicting show on the planet and you MUST watch one episode after another. Same with True Blood. Addicting.
3. Yesterday my favorite college football team (they will remain nameless) had the most devastating loss in the history of devastating losses so I was unfortunately paralyzed to the couch unable to move for hours afterwards.  With that said, I was not able to change any of my fantasy players for bye week.

Now that I have made excuse after excuse. I am out of excuses. So I woke up bright and early with a smile on my face to adjust my lineup. I am here to play now.

I first thought, what would make my team better? How can I get outta this slump? Bingo, new name!

So my fantasy team name is now:
When In Romo...
...Do as the Jones-Drew

Hah! Yes I am hilarious.

I also picked up the Jets QB, Mark Sanchez because it is bye week for Romo. I picked up Dwayne Bowe but it is bye week for him too so I started Calvin Johnson and he currently has 19 points for me at half time. I ditched the San Fran defense because they are just too effeminate to be part of my team. I now have Seattle's D. We will see...

Get it When In Romo (formerly Tony Romo Fan Club). 

I'll keep y'all updated on how I do this week. As of right now I'm up 61 to 16 but we will see. I need Ochocinco to not ochocinco my battleship and Jahvid to do is Best. (hah!)

When in Romo Venus Lovers...

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