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07 October 2010

Phillies Provide Trip to the Record Books for the Halladay

Yes Columbus day is coming up but that's not the "Halladay" I'm referring to. Roy Halladay is a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and he threw a no-hitter shutout against the Cincinnati Reds in his playoff debut!

That means he pitched 28 different at-bat attempts. He walked one of those players, but the other 27 he and his teammates were able to take down. Can you imagine the endurance that would take? A perfect game is when you face 27 batters and take down 27 batters. He was just one walk away from throwing a perfect game. That is incredible, in his post-season debut none the less.

This is only the second pitcher to ever pitch a no-hitter in post-season (aka the playoffs).

Imagine you are the Cincinnati Reds offense. And the coach has instructed you to start dating. So you all go to speed dating. You see 28 different girls. Of all the 28 mini dates you go on you get rejected time-after-time. They say you are too short, your hair line is too receding, your pants are too pleated or you just look like a wimp. Eventually 27 people have rejected you, all but one who reciprocates, but only because you made a mistake in the salary you put down (as in you wrote you make $125,000 a year instead of $25,000). You go on a date and make out a little bit but then she sees your bank statement and the relationship never goes past first.

How deflated must you feel if you are the Cincinnati Reds? Rejected 28 times. Ouch. Here is the bad news, they have to go speed dating with the Phillies AGAIN tomorrow night, then at least one other time in Cincinnati because it is best outta 5.

So here's to you Cincinnati, looks like you will need the support for your receding hair line in round 2 from the Venus Lovers.

Happy Game 2 Venus Lovers!

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