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05 October 2010

Excuse Me, Waiter? My Cereal Has Something Sticky In It...

So I love Ochocinco. For those of you that don't know much about Ochocinco let me give you a little bit of background information you simply must know.

The NFL wouldn't let him put Ochocinco on his jersey unless it was really his last name. So in true Chad (formerly) Johnson fashion, he legally had his name changed. A lot of effort for a uniform you ask? Yes, you would be correct.

He was also the star of the ultimate catch. We talked about him before and his reality endeavours here.

I also follow him on twitter, here are some recent @Ochocinco tweets:

  • Holy #$@#, my pregnant pigeon came back to me.

  • #OCNImHungryNews 1st 85 folks meet at XO Prime Steakhouse for dinner, see you there. dinner on me starts at 6, drink till I get there #1luv

  • Everybody, I love pigeons too, did y'all know someone stole my pregnant pigeon?

  • Oh S.H.I.T= Oh So Happy It's Thursday.

  • Man I've got a flat tire on my Segway, do I go to the gas station for air or buy a new Segway tire, totally p----d.

  • People my pigeon is on nest rest, thank you for your concerns, she's registered at Pet Smart (yes that is how he spelled it) because I'll be having a pigeon shower #gifts.

  • #omgfact I used to date the lady from the funny Progressive Auto Insurance commercials, weird combo I know, trying to get free insurance.
So y'all get the idea!

Well, recently Ochocinco wanted to do something good for a charity he was fond of, Feed The Children. So he came up with the cereal OCHOCINCOs. A portion of all sales would benefit Feed the Children. He even put a number you could call on the box to get more information about donating to the charity... awww....

SKIIRRRTTT.........WRONG NUMBER FOLKS! He put the wrong prefix on the cereal box and it was the number to a sex talk hot line. Whoops!

How did that happen? I was a PR major and one thing I learned was proofreading and verifying all facts before anything goes to print.

Well, after reasoning with this, I have come to the conclusion that Chad applied to be on the Wheaties box, but he got passed over for media whore Peyton Manning as so many pro-athletes do (btw LOVE PEYTON MORE THAN LIFE), he wanted to get revenge on Wheaties, he would make his own cereal.

So he based the box off a Wheaties box, bought photoshop, and started typing along. Once his clever box design, looking just like Wheaties, was complete he poured some cheerios in there, posted it on his website and called it a day.

After all, he is a busy man, he does have a pregnant pigeon to care for...

In response he tweeted:
"Awe man I'm bummed about the cereal number mix up on the cereal, trying to do good and got messed up, of all the numbers why that one!!! Sorry."

Oh Chad!

If you are ever bored and want some fun, venture to his website here or play his NEW GAME and recover his missing belongings all over the country with Mad Chad.

I hear you can even recover a little treat from his pigeon!

Happy Proofreading Venus Lovers!

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