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21 October 2010

Thirsty Thursday: Look in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's S----- oh wait, no, it really is a plane...

It is Thursday and BOY AM I THIRSTY. This will be a quick blurb of a post while the wireless in the airport is still on free trial! Tonight I am flying home for my one week paid vacation with my day job! YAY! It is not much, but to me right now it feels like a LIFETIME.

 I'm sitting in the airport right now blogging and it is very funny watching people when they don't realize that someone is looking at them. This one person is picking their nose, and there is another dude that is drifting in and out of sleep and he keeps catching himself snoring and jolts back awake. Hah, loser.

Have you guys seen the movie Love Actually? Love the part where they are filming in the airport and there is love everywhere and people are greeting missed ones at the gates...sigh...I just love that movie. I really wish that the guy who was secretly in love with Kira Nightly got a girl in the end but he didn't :(

Anyways, my goal is to hit the bar up on my layover and have one of these...

I have had a very long day and this is looking very appealing right now to relax me! Vodka and Soda with a lime! I like Skyy Vodka for the price I think it is really good and it is only like 70-80 calories for a shot sized pour and soda water doesn't have any calories! Yummy choice without undoing my whole day!

And maybe while I am sipping my tasty treat I will see a hunky ball player and we will hit it off and I will get his autograph and a free drink out of it?! My layover is in Charlotte so perhaps a cute Carolina Panthers player? Maybe Quarterback Matt Moore? Hmmm with 6 interceptions thrown on the year that could be a bust. He probably would try to give me his number but some other girl at the bar would end up picking it off.

Let's just hope OchoCincos are not on the menu for my own personal safety...

Happy Flying Venus Lovers

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