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19 October 2010

I'm alive.

So here is my posting complaining about how I have had no time to write. Whenever I complain and make excuses, they are 99% of the time very justified and legit. Here are the reasons I have not been able to write...

1. My computer was attacked by a liger. He broke into my house and shredded it like cheese. Then he slapped me across the face and took my favorite ruffled sweater.

2. My computer was returned back to me days later by his wife, Mrs. Liger. She accused me of cheating with her husband using my sweater as proof of my homewrecker-ness. She yelled at me, "You TRAMP, I never wear ruffles and it says property of Venus. Stay outta my marriage!!!" That was mean.

3. So I sat down to write last weekend then I broke several fingers the keys were so stiff from not being used. They then had to heal.

4. Real Housewives marathon was on.

5. Glee was on.

6. Then I was on a road trip, which was very fun! Downside, I may have had one too many LIT's and I was too fat to fit in the door of my office.

7. I then had to work off the fat and pounds I had gained on my road trip so I could fit in my office. This took several days.

8. I work a full time job at 45 hours a week and last week I worked around 50. SAD FACE.

9. Oh yeah and on top of all that, I am getting married in flipping 11 days!!!!! Worst part about that is I have done nearly the same amount to prep for that lately that I have spent on my blog.

Ok I'm done with excuses. I am here, and here to stay (sorry about cha!)

Now for the good news:

1. My vacation from work starts THURSDAY AT 5 PM!!! So that means lots of time to write and GET MARRIED! So I wonder, if I get married and need to change my name, will this blog be called Mars trapped in Mars? NAHHHHH!

2. I have started working on new tutorial posts (and by popular demand Defensive football positions) as well as some fun new topics to discuss weekly.

3. There is a ton of sports on T.V. we can talk about too. We got football, football and more football. Plus the major league baseball playoffs are on and college basketball starts very very soon! Whoop whoop!

So moral of this story: Get ready to be overwhelmed by the amount of Venus in the Air!

Happy Excuses Venus Lovers!

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