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02 June 2017

Bridal Must Haves for the Lackadaisical Bride

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I'd like to start this post by saying, I cannot believe I was able to use lackadaisical in a blog post title. I'm impressed. But that is how you'd probably describe me as a bride, lackadaisical.

Everyone keeps asking how the wedding planning process is coming and I keep answering, 
"I mean, I think I'm done!

They then look at me horrified like, "but all you have is a venue?!?!"  

Well, yeah, a venue that includes the food, drink, tables, chairs, candles, built in decor (a pool, twinkle lights and a downtown backdrop), a groom and a dress. What else is there that I need??!?!!? Shooooot gurl, I thought I was done when I got the groom. Wait, there's more I have to do? 

Ok ok ok, I know I have a ton left to do, but I'm personally not stressing about it at all because there are so many amazing brands out there to help with that kind of thing. I'll be collaborating with a few different vendors along the way, starting with today! 

Today, I'm going to highlight the first few brands I think you're going to dig. A big ole bridal box arrived at my doorstep (CB's work, I don't trust my neighborhood with packages, people steal them everyday, very sad) and I couldn't wait to dig into it! 

I always crack up when I watch package openings on insta stories and bloggers act like they have NO IDEA that a package was even coming. You had to give some one your address right? Y'all know i keep it real with you, I knew what was in there and I knew what amazing gem was going to be sitting right on top - BADGLEY MISHKA, BABY! 

Ready for these shoes, you're going to dieeeeeeeeee (I did). 

Badgley Mischka Bridal 
How good are those? I might sleep in them. Jk jk jk jk - jk.

The first shoe is the Badgley Mischka Barre bejeweled slip on sneaker and the second is from the Badgley Mischka Jewel line, a little less expensive line, called Caroline. Caroline is a metallic silver kitten heel sandal with crystal ankle and toe strap. 

I foresee me wearing these kicks with some ripped denim or with a big ballerina skirt for our engagement pictures! The Caroline heel is described as kitten but it is a little higher than that and a really great heel height for a full night of dancing without killing your feet. Also fantastic if you're tall like I am and really not looking for much added height. 

*PS all of these amazing photos in this post were done by my friend Ally, be sure to check out her work as a Dallas Photographer HERE and on Instagram HERE

Creating A Wedding Registry 
Next up was some information on signing up for our wedding registry from Zola! We are grown adults, I've lived on my own for years and CB has been a home owner since he was 20 years old. I love that Zola offers the flexibility of including both traditional and non-traditional items. We don't need much around the house, but would love for our guests to be able to contribute a dollar or two to our honeymoon fund! I have this idea that friends will throw in some money, tell us that the money is specifically to be used for cocktails enjoyed beachside that come with a piece of fruit - then we send that person a pic of us enjoying said fruit cocktail. That's MY dream! 

 I named our registry because why not.

OH and did I mention the box wasn't just filled with stuff for me? I also get to offer a ton of coupon codes for you guys!! 

Next up are a couple of products from:
European Wax Center
European Wax Center has provided a unique coupon code for y'all: “Venus” which gives you 20% off services and $5 off product for you and your bridal party! This offer is good through July 31, 2017.

In my Bridal Babbleboxx were a couple of their great products too: the Renew Me Restoring Serum and the Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Serum. The Restoring Serum serum that restores and replenishes stressed skin while calming irritation and redness. The Ingrown Hair Serum, always a plus for not just brides but swim season, clears and prevents unsightly bumps when used daily!

Crane Stationery: William Arthur Wedding Collection— The Studio Collection
The William Arthur Wedding Collection (which I'm giving you a sneak peek of below) is a series of sixteen luxury wedding stationery suites, including Save The Dates, Invitations, Reply Cards, Monogrammed Stationery, and more. It is a one stop shop for everything you'll need for your guest's invitations. They really want the invitations you choose to directly reflect YOUR personality! I can dig that.

Peaceful negotiation with your fiancé on who to include on your guest list is NOT included.
No idea where to find that, god speed.

Enter promotion code “WABRIDAL20” at checkout on the William Arthur website for a 20% discount on your order. 

Algenist: Makeup Setting Spray
This setting spray is a weightless, hydrating serum in a setting mist for visibly refreshed skin and longer lasting, luminous makeup. After makeup application or anytime hydration and refreshment are needed, spray in a Z formation — hold bottle six to eight inches from face, close eyes, and spray across the forehead, then spray across the face diagonally followed by a spray across the lower face. Easy as that!

Use code: BABBLEBOX15 for 15% off site wide, valid through 6/30/17!

Hanky Panky Lingerie 
It's bad enough to have VPL in real life, but TERRIBLE on your wedding day. Hanky Panky – The World’s Most Comfortable Thong® - boasts no visible panty line! Their line of bridal wear is absolutely stunning and a great purchase for brides on their wedding day.

Sign me up!

Enter code: BBOXX17 at checkout for free shipping on all orders within the contiguous US!

Ok so here is my question for you brides out there...

What is one tip you'd give me to not forget to add to my to-do list. Remember, you're talking to the girl who thinks she's done now because the venue provides the food/drink/tables....

Hit me with your tips!

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