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19 June 2017

Adult Game Idea for Your Neighborhood Game Night

CB and I are obviously planning a wedding, so we are always on the lookout for ways to stay IN and save money. It seems like every time we go out we end up spending way more than we meant to. Food and drinks, even at a mid-level place, end up costing upwards of 50 bucks. Seeing as two of our very best girl friends live right down the street from us, we vowed to have more nights in and save a litte dinero. I mean, the more money we save, the more pizza we will be able to serve at our wedding. You feel me?

Meeting at each other's house for game night is our favorite way to get together and hang out. We've been stuck in a rut playing the same games over and over again, so I was pumped to head over to my friend Heather's house this past weekend with a brand new game for us to play, Codenames: Deep Undercover

I loaded up my bike basket with some flowers for the host and a new game for us to dig into. I sometimes shy away from new games, just because of the learning curve, but I can only play the same old games so many times before I need something different. 

You might have heard of the game Codenames, but this version is a spin-off of the original with all-new words, art and mature play. Codenames: Deep Undercover is available exclusively in North America at Target and 

In addition to having game night at home, we also love bringing our games to one of the local breweries and posting up for an afternoon of fun. With the adult theme of this version, it makes it perfect for playing at home or at a bar. Sure, we were borderline inappropriate guessing and giving the clues at times but who isn't borderline inappropriate at times at a bar? *Totes Guilty* 

To play the game you need at least 4 people. Although, I personally think 3 would be fun too, where you choose someone to be the permanent spymaster for both teams. The spymaster gives their team a one-word clue, plus a number. The number given - let's say 3 for example - is the number of words that work to that clue. Your team then has to guess all 3 words. If you miss, you lose your turn and the other team gets to go. There are of course more details involved, but that's the game in a nutshell.

The clues and the guessing get pretty darn hilarious.

For example, if the spymaster says FRUIT-2. Then the team guesses what two cards on the board could possibly be the right answer to the clue FRUIT.

One of the clue words on the board was "Kitty", so as I'm sure you can imagine the word that was given as a clue for that. I won't get into that here on this blog!

I loved this game and I think you will too. It did take us just a bit of time to understand the rules on how to play, but once we figured it out we played for hours and hours!

Do you think you'd like Codenames: Deep Undercover?
Have you played the original Codenames before?
What's your favorite game for game night?

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