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06 June 2017

A Weekend In The Life

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Phil, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PhilRx

I think I've reached the point where I need to start incorporating the word "no" into my vocabulary. I just get so excited to get event, dinner or cocktail invites from businesses that I immediately jump at the opportunity without giving a second thought to what it'll do to my work week. This week, for the first time in what feels like forever, I have Monday AND Tuesday off. Last night I cooked dinner and did absolutely nothing but lay around with CB all night. It was glorious. 

People love these "day in the life" posts, so I thought I'd share a glimpse into a weekend in my (crazy) life. I'm pretty sure you all know this but I work full time doing Marketing and Advertising for an outboard motor company, I've run Venus Trapped in Mars for the past 4 years and as of last Friday I've been running Dallas Love List for one full year. I also have a passion for snuggling with my fiancé so I refuse to miss out on that time with him. 

I try to maximize my lunch breaks by getting stuff done for Venus Trapped in Mars whenever possible. Sometimes I go shopping for upcoming sponsored posts, sometimes I'll even do some photographing for blog posts on my lunch break!

Looking for ways to maximize your lunch break? Check out this post: 6 Ways to Get Great Instagram Photos on Your Lunch Break

Every second of every work day I try to be productive. There have been times when I leave ready-to-pick-up prescriptions at the pharmacy for so long, they are forced to discard them. I have such a hard time finding time to get over and get my heart medication from my pharmacy. I obviously need them though, so I was so pumped to learn about this service called Phil. Phil is a prescription refill service that delivers your ongoing prescription medication right to your door! This is a game changer for me, because that's more time for me to use on my lunch break working to build my own brand.

I was able to transfer my prescription right from my computer. Phil offers not only the convenience factor of delivering straight to your door, but they also offer management like troubleshooting insurance and chasing after doctors and pharmacies. I didn't have to get on the phone, I simply took a photo of my insurance card and told them the name of the prescription I wanted to transfer from my pharmacy. They did the rest and I had a prescription at my door a few days later. It was that easy and that fast. 

The service that Phil offers is essentially free to the customer. You'll have the same copay that you normally pay and free shipping. Phil also works with community-based independent pharmacies that are be highly-rated for customer service and you'll be supporting a local business. For first-time customers, Phil will pay up to $20 off your insurance copay, or $20 off the cost of the medication if you are uninsured, while supplies last. Mine ended up being totally free!

Phil is a super convenient service that I'd recommend to anyone with an ongoing prescription! Check them out and get information on signing up HERE.

Now that I don't have to take an hour of my day to run to the pharmacy, let's talk about how I spend my weekends these days! I'm also picking an exceptionally busy weekend back in May to tell you about because drama makes for the best content.

A Weekend In The Life-O-Sarah

6:30am - alarm goes off, snooze 1 time then get out of bed and get ready for work. I have a press pass to a rap festival after work (JMBLYA - Migos, Gucci Mane and Chance The Rapper are performing) and I need to recruit someone to go with me. The tickets are $100 each and this is going to be tough. I pack a change of clothes so I can potentially run to the rap festival after work.

7:10am- sit in rush hour. takes me 50 min to make the 20 mile drive to work.

7am-2pm- WERK. Working on our company's brochure. This is a huge project that takes me months to design. I'll probably be working on this all month long.

No luck finding someone to drop $100 to go with me to this rap festival. Learn about an event in my neighborhood, a Cinco De Mayo Mariachi March that's only $20 and includes food and drinks all night. I'll probably have more luck with getting people on board with that. Immediately get girlfriends and CB on board, very sadly email JMBLYA and tell them I can't make it. Call me a wimp, but I don't think going to a rap festival until the wee hours of the morning - solo - is a good idea.

2pm- Nails. I get my nails done every other Friday. It's a major treat.

3pm-5pm- Lots of exciting collaboration emails today! My favorite part of being a blogger is the ding alerting of a new email. That email could be absolutely anything! It excites me. Today I get an invite to a new restaurant- Nazca - in Uptown,  an invite to come try True Food Kitchen in Plano while my mom is in town and a collaboration email with a new Texas Vodka that I had recently engaged with on instagram. See, pays to engage on insta!

5pm- Sit in Dallas traffic for over an hour trying to get the 20 miles home.

6:30pm- I play Get Right Witcha by Migos and cry while I'm getting ready for event tonight

7pm- The girls come over and we all head to the Mariachi March in our neighborhood. Stay for the whole thing and it's a great event. D Magazine is there taking pics, love when that happens!


10am- Pups let us sleep in and we leisurely get up. Although we have two events today, they aren't until later in the day.

11am-3pm - lounge around watching the DVR with CB. This is my favorite activity in the world.

3pm - Get ready for the Dallas Day at the Races party with Lee Park Junior Conservancy. Throw on a white cocktail dress and re-wear my fascinator that I wore to the Kentucky Derby a few years ago. Pack a bag with cowboy boots and a sundress so I can change for the second event of the day.

4pm- Day at the Races event in Uptown. Turns out to be a great one, free food and drinks! I order champagne, CB orders a mint julep. We post up to watch the derby. (And by watch the derby I mean people watch because everyone at this event is flipping gorgeous. Dallas is such a pretty town).

7pm- Change clothes and head out to Frisco for day one of Off The Rails. My favorite of all time, Miranda Lambert, is performing tonight! Take this photo and consider investing in a spray tan membership.

11pm- Miranda was AMAZING!! Best I've seen her look in so long, she seemed so happy. Time to head home and get a good night's sleep for an other busy day tomorrow.

9am - Wake up and let dogs out. Get ready for 3 very different events today.

12pm- Pool Party at the W Hotel. Can only stay for an hour or two, but CB brings his bathing suit and hops in the pool. I sip my cocktail and lounge around for an hour working on my instagram account - I like to spend time engaging with the "Dallas" geo feed.

Do a few insta stories promoting the W!

1pm- Grab a cup of coffee from Cafe Victoria next to the W and hop in the car Frisco bound for day 2 of Off the Rails.

2pm- Meet and Greet with Charlie Daniels Band. I try to tell him to play Rocky Top and he said his son went to Tennessee. I said I know then he ignores me when I ask for a second time for him to play Rocky Top.

2:15pm - 6pm: Listen to 3 different performers at Off the Rails. Cam, Charlie Daniels Band and Old Dominion. Old Dominion was amazing but Charlie Daniels is 80 and he absolutely dominated. Super impressed.

6pm- Leave for our third event of the night. Taste of the Cowboys which just so happens to be down the street at the Cowboys' new Star center in Frisco.

7pm-9pm: Taste of the Cowboys. Amazing event, unlimited food and drink and a performance by Reckless Kelly! It was windy and my dress kept flying up, but other than that one of my favorite events to date. It didn't hurt that several Cowboys players were mingling with the crowd.

9pm- it's a school night so head home to get some much needed rest.


It might sound like an insanely busy life but I LOVE IT! I could do something every second of every day and I'd be happy as a clam. The only complaint I have is finding something to wear to each of these events. I need a fashion blogger to come over and dress me!

I will say though, I certainly do look forward to the weekends when there is ABSOLUTELY nothing on the calendar. Those are a treat as well!

Which would you rather?
GO GO GO all the time, or chill at home and binge on Netflix?

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