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26 May 2017

Office Shelving Perfect for Bloggers

I feel like my whole life is in my home office. I recently turned it into a home office/closet and it was the best idea ever. Unlike fashion bloggers I sadly don't get sent boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes- although if someone wants to send me those I won't be mad! 

What I do have are endless props from pineapple parties, about a million notebooks that I use on instagram flatlays, trays and backdrops from when I threw a donut party... essentially I just have about a million odds and ends that I don't want to part with because I'll more than likely use them on future blog posts. 

I partnered with Way Basics a few months ago on "Tips for Styling the Perfect Shelfie" and I'm coming at ya with part two of that post! We partnered up again to show how easy it is to add on to existing Way Basic shelving units! I previously had the 9 storage cube system, and added on with an additional 6 cubes for extra storage! Their cubes all work so well together, so if you aren't sure how much you'll need for your office, start small and then add on later! 

How many of those items do you recognize from blog posts? Hah! For sure all the blankets!  And the notebooks. I have a weakness for notebooks from the home office section at Home Goods that I just cannot quit. I bet I buy a new one every month! ACK! 

Do you have a home office that houses all your blog stuff? 
How do you keep organized?

Be sure to check out Way Basics - their shelving units have completely transformed my office and everything has a place! 

Now to deal with all the empty boxes that are not pictured in this photo.... 

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