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09 June 2016

What Made You Want to Start A Blog?

One question I get pretty often is, "What Made You Start a Blog?"

Some popular answers to this question are to make money or to connect with long-distance friends and family. My answer is neither of those. I started a blog because I was too lazy to write a book. Did I mention I'm going to be as honest as possible in this post? Ok, yeah, honesty coming at you. 

I wanted to start a blog that was basically a girl's guide to the world of sports. I thought that I had a unique ability to not only teach my girlfriends the rules of sports that they might not already know, but also get them totally wrapped up in their favorite sport and team. I essentially wanted every single girl I was friends with to want to go to games with me. Quite selfish, really. I'm an only child, that's what we do, make it all about us. 

My first thought was, write a book! My second thought, which occurred just seconds later was, Yikes, that sounds hard and I have shiny red ball syndrome, how about a blog instead!

I tossed around some wildly ridiculous names like Damsel in His Mess (yowza) and First and Tension (DOUBE YOWZA). Then, while peeing, I thought of the name Venus Trapped in Mars and hardly finished wiping before I ran out of the bathroom to tell everyone my great idea. 

I didn't start a blog to make money, I started it to make an impact and maybe even a name for myself in the sports world. Tickets would be a lovely add-on that, to this day, I welcome with open arms. Somewhere along the way, I realized that it was possible to make cold hard cash through blogging. This blog has now turned into a hobby, a love, a small source of income and a way to connect with hundreds of people across the world -- including my favorite way of connecting: talking about sports. 

It's so easy to get frustrated and want to quit along the way. I had the thought JUST YESTERDAY that I don't want to do this crap anymore. It was a fleeting thought that popped in my mind while scrolling through my instagram feed.... comparison is the thief of joy blah blah blah blah. Yeah, I got that. 

When I think about quitting I think about the joy this blog has brought me. The support this blog has brought me. The experiences this blog has brought me.

When I think about quitting I think about why I started in the first place, to make an impact. Sometimes I feel like I DO -- in the sports world or girl world or whatever -- make an impact and that is some cool shit right there.

So many of you told me that you are a medium who is frustrated and ashamed to be in a bathing suit, and that broke my heart. I hate that I'm like that and I hate that you're like that. I wish I was a fashion blogger, I wish I could do more posts on how to be proud of the body you have. Although I love clothes, my whole wardrobe is TJ Maxx and Forever 21 sundresses that I've owned since college, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the girl for you.

LiketoKnowIt: Sundress || Forever21 (OLD, LIKE REALLY FREAKING OLD, LIKE 10 YEARS)
I would be the worst selling Like 2 Know it person of all time, nothing would be linked.

What I can do is remind you guys that you're beautiful and you're happy. I know you're happy because you probably ate pizza at some point in the last few weeks. Show me an unhappy person with a slice of pizza in their hand. Nope, you won't find one, they just don't exist.

Per the usual, this post started one way and ended somewhere else, so sue me. I'm not perfect, my blog isn't perfect, my body isn't perfect but I'm happy because I eat pizza once a week. LOLZZ.

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  1. I love this post. Like, really love it. First of all, I love how honest this post and all of your other ones are. It's so refreshing to read! I get in those ruts too, when you think I'm so done with this blog and I do the same thing, I think about what made me start and go from there. I think the most important part of blogging is to be yourself and talk about what you know and your blog is so spot on with that! I always enjoy reading your posts! XX


  2. I love this post and I loved your swimsuit post even more I just haven't had a chance to tell you! I saw it on Pinterest and I pinned it and thought "You GO girl!!!"

  3. love it. i also eat pizza about once a week! i love your blog- never stop. and my closet is as well! have a great day

  4. So glad you wrote this and shared some of what your thinking about and struggling with. Remembering your purpose and what you love about this industry is a good thing for all of us to do every now and then :-)

    Malia & the Gals at O2O

  5. I'm so glad Helene mentioned you on snapchat a couple days ago for "people you should be following".......or something like that. You're hilarious, relatable and I feel like even though I don't personally know you, that we could actually be friends........hope that doesn't sound creepy. Anyway, love the snaps of your pup and love your blog!

  6. Btw, I had pizza last night ;)

  7. Love this! Your story about coming up with your blog name had me giggling big time.

  8. I started a blog for a similar reason! Not necessarily because I wanted to write a book, which I do, and am working on, but simply because I love to write. It never turned into a money maker for me, but my love of writing keeps me at it.

  9. I love your reason for starting but even more, I like your reason for continuing. your blog is such a wonderful reflection of who you truly are and it just makes me so happy that I know you!

  10. My like2knowit would be really sad, too. I've always loved your blog name. Even though I'm not into sports, you've made it seem interesting! Which is hard to do.

  11. I love this post. I started as a hobby and because I loved what I felt when reading other blogs. Yours was one of those that I started reading before I blogged and the things blogging has brought me are too many to write. Love this post, and your realness with all of us!

  12. Thanks so much for the honesty. We need more transparency in this world, especially in the blogosphere. I enjoy reading your blog and I hope you keep doing it for a long time! (if you still enjoy it)

  13. Love this post! Your blog has definitely cheered me up whenever I was having a difficult time, so, thank you so much! Keep up the awesome work <3

    Edye | Http://

  14. Lol, so I might be new...but I didn't know the sports thing! I've heard you talk about sports on snapchat but I think that's it. (And I probably blacked out because I'm like..sports, what?) But seriously, just have to say that I love your blog. I wish I had found it sooner because I've been sloooooowly letting mine get further and further on the back burner because I still don't know what's the point, but there are SO MANY good things about blogging. The friends I've made alone are worth it. The self therapy is worth it. The damn documentation of my life should be worth it. So thank you for this. You talked me back into blogging a bit more. Maybe you didn't even mean to do that, was this post about sports lol? Shiny red ball syndrome...I'm stealing that one lol. xo

  15. love the honesty. I would be really bad at like it too, to much effort at times

  16. Please don't ever become perfect, because then I will never be able to relate to you!

  17. I think you would have put together such an awesome book, but I'm so happy that this blog was born.

  18. I always get my best ideas while peeing. Girl, you totally crack me up. I wrote a book once. It's sitting in my closet hoping someone will steal it so I could sue them when it becomes a blockbuster.

    1. YOU WROTE A BOOK??? I bow down. I have no idea how you did that and MAN am I impressed!!

  19. You rock, lady! Seriously, I always love stopping by to read what you have posted and that includes this post! Keep doing what your doing because so many of us enjoy it! Xo, Stephanie


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