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06 June 2016

On Losing My Mind

You guys. Send help. I'm losing my mind. 

I wish I could say I was exaggerating, but I spend my days and nights monitoring Veenie. I watch her go poop, I watch her eat, I watch her drink water, I watch the way she runs or doesn't run, I poke and prod at her countless times each night to see if there's any pain. If she vomits (like from eating, say, cat poop) I freak out and play back everything that I've seen over the last 24 hours trying to decide if we should go to the vet. 

Yesterday I picked her up and she winced at me in pain. I poked at that same place again, and I then realized that it was 10am and she hadn't been outside yet. She probably had a full bladder and how would I feel if someone poked at my bladder when I needed to pee. She peed, I brought her back in and poked again and didn't notice any pain.


8am: Poke Veenie
9am: Poke Veenie
10am: Poke Veenie
10:15am: Poke Veenie
11am: Poke Veenie

I cannot physically stop myself from worrying about her. It's honestly driving me bat shit crazy. I ask CB 47 times a day if he thinks Veenie seems normal. Keep in mind, I generally ask this question as she is catapulting herself from couch to couch, running around like a normal, healthy dog Jack Russell at 110mph. 

His answer is to call the vet and get some peace of mind. But what am I going to tell the vet?? 

Me: Yeah, I was hoping to bring Veenie in.
Vet: What's up, she ok? 
Me: Well she is 100% normal but I kept poking at her and eventually she winced at me after poking her 386 times. 
Vet: Sure, bring her in. Let's take a look at her. 
(translation: we will gladly accept your cash money and give her more meds that she probably doesn't need) 

I'm losing my shit, y'all. 
Send help. 

On another note, I attended a 6 year old's birthday pool party yesterday and I stressed the entire time that the kids were all going to knock their head on the diving board or side of the pool. I didn't poke any of them though, so at least that's progress.

BRB... my reminder is going off, I gotta run home and poke at Veenie.

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  1. Awww... You're just a good dog mom! Whenever I've seen *anything* wrong with any of our pets I am constantly checking them. I feel like I give them a good pat down at least once a week.

  2. You love your pets! Ain't nothing wrong with worrying about your dogs. One time my pup Lucy ate a grape (apparently they are very toxic) and I immediately threw her outside and demanded my husband shove a chop stick down her throat so she could puke it up. I called the emergency vet and she told me, very sweetly, to monitor her for the next hour and then get some sleep. She's totally fine, but I was still worried. I think that just comes with the territory. Animals can't tell us if something is wrong, that makes us worry even more. But your love for Veenie absolutely shines through your posts and I think as time goes on, you'll ease up a bit!

  3. Eventually that worry will wear off the longer she is normal! I think it's totally normal to be worried.

  4. I do this, too! Knox is perfectly healthy, but if he so much as sleeps longer than *I* think he should, I'm ready to take him to the ER.

  5. We totally did this after our beloved beagle had emergency surgery last August. After watching her recover, weeks in the cone of shame and unable to live "normally" (i.e. unable to go for a walk without her cone scraping the sidewalk because beags gotta beag, er, sniff), I was paranoid about every wince, every yelp, and every overly-dramatic reaction. You just love them so much, and they don't get why you're so concerned because, hey, there's something over there that needs smelling or chasing. You're just a wonderful dog mom, and in my experience the only thing that will lessen your stress is time.

  6. I am the same way! If Bill or Judy even look at me in a funny way I'm like okay...we need to go to the vet stat!

  7. Oh I'm the same way with out pup. Like a month ago Bruno split his nail and I was so worried he was gonna get an infection. I kept bugging the vet about it who knew we don't have a lot of $$$ to spend so she kept telling me to wait it out which made me worry more.. he's fine now lol. doens't but him in the slightiest..

  8. Aww. You just care THAT MUCH! Lol. ❤️

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  9. That is progress that you didn't poke any of the kids at the party though! Have a great day!

    1. Right??? I think parents might get peeved at that!! :P

  10. don't worry. You're not that weird...when I took a pet first aid/cpr class (for work) one of the things they teach is the snout to tail assessment. Perhaps implementing one every few days will give you a little peace of mind? They are recommended to be done at least once a week some people even do it once a day so really you're not weird!!
    Here's some more info on it. (not my link so I hope this doesn't get flagged)

  11. I've been MIA for a few weeks so I missed some updates... is she still not feeling well??? I'm so sorry to hear this. Although... she *sounds* like she's doing/feeling fine.


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