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14 June 2016

Untapped Fort Worth + Help Me Find this Dog

Ok so I'm sure you've seen these photos go viral where some super impressive photographer just happens to capture the very moment that this couple gets engaged in a public park. Then said photographer posts the photo on the internet, asking friends to share it so he/she can get these photos to them? Then 1.5 seconds later (because we have nothing else to do with our lives but share stranger's engagement photos on the internet) it has gone viral and they find the newly engaged couple.

Well, this post is kind of like that. Only it's about a dog. 

I met this dog at Untapped Music and Beer Festival in Fort Worth over the weekend. This dog was obviously very handsome (pretty?!) but what really impressed me was his pretzel necklace. Now, I obviously have two very sweet babies of my own, and they would not have the willpower to drape a pretzel necklace around their little necks and not eat them. (Nor would I, if I were being totally honest). 

So I asked his mom and dad (like a total creeper) if I could photograph their sweet pup. They were so kind and jumped up and down to get the pup's attention so the photo could be the best possible. Not to brag (but yes, to brag) the photo turned out downright magical. 

Here is my mystery DOG! 

Errrrr Merrrr Gerrrrrd, right?

So yeah. We need to find this dog and get these photos to his parents because, if this were my dog's photo -- wearing a pretzel necklace and not eating it -- I'd need to blow that sucker up and make a large scale mural of it in my living room. 

OK OK, Untapped Music and Beer Festival wasn't just about this one dog though. No, not at all. There were plenty of other dogs to fall in love with. 

Take Daiquiri -- currently available for adoption -- for example....... 

Errrr Merrrrr Gerrrrrrrrrrrrd.

I tried to put her in my purse while CB was at one of the far beer tents, but my purse ended up being just a smidge too small. DANG IT. 

Oh, and then there were these little girls...

No I didn't go to a beer festival and spend the whole time taking photos of the dogs in attendance. NO, I didn't do that. 

Ok, ok, ok... fine. I'm done. I promise. 

All jokes aside, this event was ridiculously fun. Aside from it being 1 trillion degrees outside, there was a lovely little breeze, the beer was ICE COLD and the tunes were fantastic. You guys probably already know my obsession with alcohol craft beer, so I try to make as many local beer events as possible. 

Untapped is a beer and music festival that takes place all over Texas, including events in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and the one I attended, Fort Worth!  The event price is reasonable and entry includes 12 small samples of your choice of brews. Still thirsty after that? You can buy another sampling card for just 7 bucks! 

The next time you're looking for a beer in DFW, be sure to try a few of my favorites below. Any bar you're in is likely to have at least one of these!  
(also, yes, these are mostly IPAs, so sue me) 

Deep Ellum IPA (all time fav)
Four Corners || El Chingon IPA
Revolver || Death Ray IPA
Rahr || Pride of Texas Pale Ale
Community || Mosaic IPA

Be sure to check HERE when Untapped is coming to your neck of the woods!
I'd highly recommend it for a Saturday of fun!

Oh, and I'd love to know what beer is your favorite in your city!! I'm always looking for new beers to try (as long as they're IPAs......)


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  1. Ohmargerd for sure. All the dogs are so cute!!

  2. You look so official with your media credentials I love it. Also... gimme all da pups

  3. Love all of this. WE had so much fun and IPA's are the hubs' fav too. I've posted the pup's photo on some local facebook sights so lets see if we can find his parents. Still cannot believe I missed meeting you!

  4. adorable dog. I hope you can find the owner of the dog. That way the can have the photo's

  5. Great photos! I love beer festivals, too. My brother is a brewer at a pretty big brewery here in California, so I've definitely been to my fair share of these events. Hope you find the dog's parents!

  6. This sounds like my kind of event, cold beer and dogs!

  7. It looks like a fun festival. If you are ever in the SF Bay Area-you need to head to Buffalo Bill's in Hayward. They brew their own stuff. Their Alimony Ale is do the die for.

  8. I LOVE ALL THE DOGS! And especially Daquiri's white eyelashes!

  9. DOGS... BEER... SUNSHINE... YOUR SHOES!!! (I must know where they are from).. you look amazing and this day looks legit!!! Thank you for sharing - I hope you find that pups owners, they will LOVE that photo!!!

  10. PS... I wish I could let you try my favorite IPA here in my town... it's called Singin' River IPA - not sure if the Singin' River Brewery is branching out quite as far as your neck of the woods but they have been attending big beer events so maybe one day! I also like Flying Dog Brewery's "Raging Bitch" IPA... they are from my home town area of Frederick MD. I love me some IPAs as well... Good People Brewing's IPA is tasty as well (out of Birmingham AL). ox

  11. OKAY BUT WHERE IS THE ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL?! jk. these pics are adorable and untapped looks so freaking fun!

  12. Ah! This looks like so much fun! Next weekend I'll be at Two Roads Brewing Summer Jam Fest. I'm sorry, but beer festivals are like the best part of summer!

  13. I was too busy falling in love with the sweet photos you took of those pups to really understand what the rest of your blog post was about ha ha! Seriously though, I want those dogs. All of them.

  14. Ummmmm how the F%*& did I not know about this tremendous event? It's literally 10 minutes away from me, damnit. Major fail. Ugh. But have you tried Coop's Horny Toad beer? Obvi as a TCU fan I loved it but I think you would, too! Check it out.

    Emma | Seeking the South

  15. IPA get in my belly! Love these photos, so colourful. And what a cute pup :)

  16. He is glorious! My dog would have chewed them. Not eaten them. Chewed them into a slobber mess.
    I always wonder how many people have pictures of Hawkeye. Since we take her to bars and she sits on the stools and drinks water from a rocks glass, tons of people have said 'omg can I take a picture of your dog?' And I always say yes. Never seen one on the internet that isn't mine, but maybe one day!

  17. BRB while I go make my dog a pretzel necklace for OBVIOUS reasons.

  18. That dog is amazing! Not eating his pretzels?! What a good pup!!

  19. Totally Pinned this just so I can remember those beers for when I come to Dallas! Also, puppies!!!!!!


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