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16 June 2016

15 Items You Need In Your Life for July 4th

Anytime there is a major holiday coming up that requires a specialty outfit, I always forget to order what I need until the very last minute. By that time it's too late to order online, and I'm left shopping at Party City, scraping through what crap has been picked over by the rest of Dallas. This happened to me on St. Patrick's day and I ended up spending 3x as much to get it shipped to me overnight. 

This year, CB and I are going to VA Beach to see my mom for the July 4th week. Since I'll have CB to act and dress totally ridiculous with me, I thought I'd start my holiday shopping now, rather than waiting until there is nothing cool left over. 

I started browsing Amazon and quickly realized how awesome everything I saw was, and how you guys must have it too or you will die. I've rounded up my favorites for your July 4th 2k16 BASH! Order now, while everything is on prime, while everything is cheap and before it's too late! 

Just a little reminder- if you wait too long, those items that have free prime shipping go *poof* and disappears. Happened to me on St. Pats. 

Shut up and take my money. 

2. American Flag Scarf || $13.99
Well that's just a lovely scarf...

3. Beer Holding Fanny Pack || $16.95
Own it. Love it. Recommend it. 

Hair of the dog.

General rule of thumb, your dog should always look cooler than you. 

A throwback. Bonus points if you weren't born yet. 

Winners get to do what they want. 

Stop it right now. I can't deal. Nothing screams I LOVE AMERICA! like a flamingo. Right?

9. Swan Float || $19.99
 Stop looking at me. 

10. One Dozen Patriotic Rubber Duckys || $7.59
Make it two dozen and you've got yourself a deal. 

 11. Ahhqua Bar || $39.99
How have I made it to year 29 without ever experiencing an Ahhhqua Bar? 

 12. Emoji Poop Raft || $29.95
Please CB, please buy me this.

 13. Emoji Beach Balls || $11.11

 14. Waterproof iPhone Case || $8.99
DO IT FOR THE GRAM. (I assume actual dolphin results may vary) 

15. Slush Mug || $14.45
Turns any sweetened drink into a SLUSHIE!!! HOOOOO LEEEEEE CRAP. 

Is there anything you've been eyeing that you can't live without this July 4th??!?!?
Any fun plans?

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  1. Can I just click a button and order all of these in one shot??? Those cape socks would be AWESOME for my kickball games, and I love the little flamingos!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. this post just makes me want to jump up and down and scream with american pride. i'm going to need one of everything, thanks.

  3. I need flamingo coaster floaties in my life like yesterday

  4. So the first couple of things had me then you went and showed me the Slush Mug and I NEED IT!!

  5. I love this whole list except the floating bar - doesn't it look like everyone's legs would be on top of each other? Weird. What if I didn't shave that morning? But the emoji beach balls I might have to order.

  6. Oh lord, my pregnant self needs that slush mug immediately!

  7. Those little flamingo drink floaters are adorable! And I LOVE those cape socks!

  8. I bought a tank for a friend's July 4th bash. It says 'Star Spangled Hammered'. I am so excited to wear it. You just don't even know.

  9. And here I was excited for my $3 cups from Target that say 'Party like it's 1776'! I need these all!

  10. I would still be scared to put my iphone underwater. I'm not sure how hard I'll be celebrating the Fourth this year, but I want those socks NOW.

  11. there's just something about a swan float!!!

  12. My friends have those flamingo coasters and they are amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. This post is AMAZING. I will be buying several items for the celebration of America!

  14. I just got a star spangled mens tank top from walmart for a whopping $4..that's the extent of my purchases this year. But it's pretty cute. I will look festive for sure.

  15. I am going to need one of each, please! Xo, Stephanie


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