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29 September 2015

The 5 Types of Hangry Fans You Meet At A Football Game

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As football fans, we encounter mad fans at every turn. I know I've been a mad fan, and I'm sure you've been a mad fan at some point in your life. When I'm hungry, I have the unfortunate ability to transform into someone that's not myself. Sometimes, that person is a downright HANGRY fan, should one of my teams happen to be losing when I'm hungry.

Here are some of the fans I've transformed into when I've been hangry...

1. The Fan That's Mad at the Refs

"It was a CATCH!!*Throws both shoes and shatters television*

"Pass Interference??!? PASS INTERFERNCE? No. Just NO."

"HOLDING... he was holding, REF. Even my grandma could have called that!"

"Oh, apparently there's no such thing as intentional grounding where you come from. Ok, fine."

2. The Fan That's Mad At Their Own Coach

"Timeout. Call timeout. TIMEOUT... OMG IF HE DOESN'T CALL TIMEOUT HERE... There's no telling what I might do."

"HOTSEAT. Yup, he's on the hot seat. This guy may have to go. "

"I gotta say, I've supported him for 3 years, but he just keeps letting me down."

"FIRE *insert coach name here*"


3. The Fan That's Mad At Their Quarterbrack

"Whelp, I'm sure this pass play will be a turnover" 

"Here we go.... interception machine lines up in the shotgun...." 

"For just one time in my life can you NOT take forever to find a receiver and get sacked?"

"Who the %*$@ is our backup?? Please just put the backup in. I'm sure Billy Joe Bob Sue is better than this guy."

4. The Fan That Is Mad At The Other Team's Fans
*note - this is me 96.4% of the time

"Midnight green makes me gag. Sick, who would ever wear that" 

"Look at this guy in the blue wearing those jorts. Hah, he would."

Note, I've actually screamed this one at a 400 pound grown man after my team's touchdown
"NOW will you sit down and be quiet, SIR?"

"Say *insert team's slogan here* one more time. Just one more time. Go on, say it." 

5. The Fan That's Jealous

"I wouldn't want to win anyways. Who would want to win?! Winning is so cliche"

"I mean, if we won I'd have to go out tonight and I'd really rather just sit on the couch."

"I WANTED to lose, that means we get a higher pick in next year's draft."

"Whatever. It's just a game. Meh."

With my favorite team's seasons so far (*facepalm*), I have to make sure that I don't go to watch any game this season when I'm hungry. My plan is to pack a SNICKERS® with me on gameday, which is packed with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate You know, to keep the HANGRY me, at bay. I picked some SNICKERS® up at Walmart this past weekend before my team played (and thank goodness I did, for those that saw what happened to me all weekend).

How many of you are like me, and sometimes transform to a slightly hangry sports fan? Take this SNICKERS® quiz to see who YOU are when YOU'RE are hungry! P.S. I got Drama Mama!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that I've been all of those fans too! I'm usually the girl that yells at the refs and then gets mad at the other team's fans. It was really bad when A&M was still in the Big 12 and we had to play Texas or Tech. I would get so angry!!

  2. when you're hungry it just doesn't matter who or what is in my way, i'm gonna be pissed. speaking of, i should go get some breakfast!

  3. I've actually been all those fans esp during matchups for fantasy football lol

    I took the quiz and got Princes... I thought I would have gotten cranky =P

    I have a blog at =)

  4. I keep snickers in my work fridge, because snickers are better cold

  5. I got goofball..... Hell no! I'm the freakin' Hulk when I'm hangry!


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