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24 September 2010

How To.... Throw a baseball

So I have decided that this nonsense of, "You throw like a girl," needs to end.

Reasons why you shouldn't throw like a girl.
  1. It is not heavy. I mean I get it, somethings are very heavy and generally as girls we don't have AS much upper body strength as boys. But unless you are competing in the shot put, there is no excuse to throw incorrectly.
  2. We can be CEOs, CFOs, CMOs--- any CblankO you can think of. Why must we be mocked for our ball throwing abilities
  3. If you can lug around a child all day, you can throw a ball properly.
  4. Girls rule boys drool. (haha thank you airbrushed t-shirt from kindergarten)
  5. If we are going to have a woman president one day, then we can't possibly have anyone making fun of her when she gets to throw out the first pitch at the World Series because she throws like a girl...
Oh wait...

When you throw the ball, it shouldn't plummet downward. This is going to be very simple. I'm not going to tell you the finger positions for a curveball or anything. Just how to throw properly.

Step One: Grab the ball with your whole hand. Just like you would pick up an apple to eat.

Step Two: Turn sideways. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Your feet should be parallel to one another. No need for pointing your toes or anything! This isn't ballet.

Step Three: Lean to your right side (unless you're left handed and just reverse everything I'm saying) putting most of your weight on your back foot.

Step Four: Bring your hand with the ball down by your thigh and then up in the air in a gradual circular motion. If you are right handed, your hand should now be about a foot diagonally back from your right ear. To put it in girl terms... if you are doing it properly, your left boob should be sticking out and your right boob should be back and to the right.

Step Five: While the ball is brought back by your ear, your wrist should be cocked backwards. When it comes time to release you should flick your wrist forward. No stiff wrists!

***Tip for the overachiever: practice flicking your wrist. If you are right handed, with your left hand grab your right arm just below the wrist. Take a ball and just practice flicking it forward to make sure you get the wrist flick down.

****Tip for the girl with the annoying boyfriend. Repeat steps for the overachiever, just practice throwing at the boyfriend when he is not paying attention. It will be hilarious.

Step Six: THROW IN A CIRCULAR MOTION!!!!!! Do this without a ball. Just practice the stance I described and move your arm around in a circular motion. Down, up, and around. Just practice circles. It is a fluid motion, just like when you warm up before spin class and you loosen up your arms. If you were to have a ribbon dancer (I know y'all remember these) in your hand I should see a perfect circle created.

Step Seven: Right before you release the ball you should lift your front foot up in the air moving all your momentum to your back leg.

Step Eight: Release the ball and flick your wrist when your hand gets about a foot diagonally in front of your face.

Step Nine: Follow through with the circular motion back to where you started. The follow through is really important, if you don't and just halt your momentum the ball will not go more than two feet.

See Whit's got it! So can you. I don't want to see any Venus lovers throwing like a girl, again!

Happy Pitching Venus Lovers!

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