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04 December 2015

Veenie Drops The Most Dope Mixtape of 2015

Hey ladies, it's Veenie here! If you follow my mom on Twitter (of course you do, right?) you would have seen that she announced my mixtape was dropping today. Today is the day, I'm excited and nervous to start this new chapter of my life.  Rap music isn't just a part of my life, it's a part of my SOUL. As you might have noticed by now, I'm a dog, and alas am unable to rap. Instead, I've dropped this DOPE mixtape (some of you guys might call it a playlist -- 6 of one, half a dozen the other). 

I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited. Well, was it excitement, or was it because my mom wouldn't stop screeching in my ear for Matthew Stafford and Davante Adams all night long? She's right, this fantasy football thing ruins lives. I kept thinking she was seriously hurt or something, so I'd get out from under the covers to check on her. Each time, turned out she was fine, just annoying AF. It was exhausting, and a bit irritating in case you're wondering.  Don't tell her I said that, but someone has to make sure mom is ok and not having a heart attack over one (or all) of her 10 players. General sure isn't going to do it, he's only concerned with Bill, the squirrel who visits our backyard on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.   

Well anyway,  I gotta run because Mom and CB are hosting a tacky sweater Christmas party tomorrow, and I gotta take extra care to destroy the house they're trying to keep clean. I think I saw a newspaper that was accidentally left in the corner of the dining room, so I think my game plan will be to tear that up and leave tiny pieces of it scattered like confetti all over the living room. I might even pee in the corner just to be extra festive, who knows, the day is young!

So here's my mixtape. I made it on my mom's Spotify account so if you guys like rap then you can subscribe to it. Maybe you could play it at your next party and tell your friends you know the bomb D-O-Double-G that made it.

Deuces. Happy Friday! 

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  1. It's hard out there for a gangsta! (And by gangsta, I obviously mean Veenie.)

  2. A dawg can't get by without some Fetty Wap.

  3. I seriously live for your Veenie posts. Any dog that can pull of a gold chain 100x better than me deserves all the page views in the world

  4. This is awesome! That Travi$ Scott song is great.

  5. I'm obsessed with hotline bling ugh Drake <3 (yeah the important heart emoji)

  6. Hugo and Millie will be waiting in line to buy this mixtape. Maybe we could get a ruff discount?

  7. This is a pretty good playlist, you've got good taste Veenie.


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