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02 December 2015

Murder Mystery, TOTALLY SOLVED! || Dallas Murder Mystery Dinner

A couple of weekends ago, Murder Mystery Co. here in Dallas invited me to attend my very first Murder Mystery dinner party. I had of course heard of Murder Mystery dinner theater -- mostly thanks to episodes from Saved By The Bell and Family Guy -- but I had never actually attended one. I love any kind of entertainment that includes dinner and a theme show, so I said absolutely, I'd love to! 

Each show has a theme and the theme for the show I was attending was. "Totally 80's Totally Murder!" I invited my friend Larissa along with me, but told her she could only be my plus one if she went all out 80's to the MAX! She showed up dressed to kill..... no pun intended of course. 

(I bet everyone makes that joke before they go to a show...)

I'm not totally sure about what I chose as my outfit. Are Converse All Stars very 80's? Ah well, I wore them anyways. I was born in 1986, and I honestly wondered as I was getting dressed and looking at myself in the mirror how on earth anyone got a date in the 1980's. 

I wouldn't date me in this outfit... but that's neither here nor there. I had fun with it and that's what matters, right? 

When we arrived we had our photo taken and were able to choose from a variety of props like a crow bar and fake sack of money. After making a pit stop at the bar for a glass of wine, we were seated at a table toward the front of the room. We sat with a party of 6 people who were all friends and celebrating a birthday. They were almost as much fun as the show was! 

One of the hosts handed the birthday girl a big hat, a pile of fake money and a binder and informed her she was a SUSPECT! Anyone seated at our table was allowed to read along with her in her binder, and the money was to encourage you to get out of your seat and bargain other party guests for clues to help find the killer. Each table had a "suspect" and a binder which was for their eyes only. 

I watch a lot of CSI, and I do mean A LOT of CSI, so I felt overly confident, maybe even a little cocky, that I would solve this mystery in minutes. I blurted out my guess to Larissa within 20 minutes of the show starting, and I realized about an hour in that I was completely incorrect. 

I won't spoil it for you, but our table did end up guessing correctly! Go us! There was even an award show at the end which was super cute. 

This was a really fun way to spend what would have otherwise been a very average Sunday evening. The food was exceptional, the actors were excellent and I would absolutely do it again. To grab tickets to a RAD! Murder Mystery show in Dallas, check out their website here. If you live outside of DFW, they host shows all over the nation, and they can be found here

Totally Bodacious, right???? 

The Murder Mystery Co. gifted me a free show in exchange for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
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  1. This looks like so much fun! I wish Hawaii had something like this!!

  2. I always assumed these would be hokey, but you made it sound fun. Xoxo, ganeeban

  3. sounds like a great party.

  4. I have a friend that hosted a murder mystery party once. But for whatever reason I didn't go. I wish I had now. I wasn't dating age in the 80's but what I remember was hair was super stiff and the eyes had 50 pounds of purple or blue eye shadow. Not sure about the converse although I think converse are timeless. I remember having a pair of Keds and some weird loafer like thing.

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  6. I went to a The Murder Mystery Co. show a couple years ago. I had a groupon and my husband and I had a blast. It was a 50s high school prom theme and we won best dressed! But we totally got the mystery wrong. It was a lot of fun though. You guys look great!

  7. I LOVE that episode of Saved by the Bell and have totally wanted to do one of these ever since then!

    I can't decide if I'm tickled or sad that they actually gave you a guide to 80s slang. It wasn't THAT long ago, was it??

  8. Oh man this looks like it would've been a fun night! I've never been to a show like that and I would totally LOVE to go to one! They only have them in NYC which is a bit far but maybe one day they'll come to Long Island.

  9. So fun! I have a soft spot for dinner theater and wish we had something like that around here. :(

  10. so jealous yours was 80's themed!! looks like a blast. can't believe. y'all guessed correctly! we were totally off..


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