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14 December 2015

A Tacky Sweater Birthday Party

Last weekend, CB and I threw a joint Birthday/Christmas/Football watching party at our place. The vast majority of our group of friends, myself included, have a December birthday. We wanted to throw a party to celebrate the college football regular season coming to a close, each and every December birthday and of course, those beautiful tacky sweaters that everyone loves to wear.

General asked if he could wear his Christmas sweater to the party. I never say no to my little boy, so I dug it out of the closet and helped him get dressed. (LOLZZ) So handsome.

Veenie was jealous, so I helped her put her (way too small) Santa suit on.

The vet put Veenie on a diet, so no one taunt her with chips and salsa, ok?? That just wouldn't be fair.

I had ordered a tacky sweater for myself nearly a month earlier from Etsy, but the seller's page ended up being a scam and I never received it. I had to go with a backup I found at Walmart which turned out to be quite the popular sweater, seeing as CB's best friend Justin arrived wearing the exact same thing! Twins!

We had about 20 people coming over that night, so I called one of my absolute favorite restaurants the day before, Chipotle, and ordered catering. I went with The Big Spread, and opted for chicken, steak and carnitas. I scheduled my pickup time for 5:30pm, and when I got there, everything I needed to setup my party feast was packed and waiting for me.

Setup was a breeze, and even included bowls, napkins forks, chafing stands, steam pans and fuel.

As our friends arrived thoughout the evening, everyone was able to help themselves to as much food as they wanted. I secretly kept going back and grazed on chips and guac the entire night.

NOPE, this is for sure my first serving, I don't know what you're talking about. 

I filled my Chiptle bowl up and posted up on the couch to watch the three major conference championship games going on that night. We of course have that two TV setup in the living room: Fantasy Football, level expert. 

After we ate, some of us an embarrassing amount more than others, we all grabbed a spot on the couch for our white elephant gift exchange. We had the idea to do the white elephant exchange last minute, so we decided to take the guess work out of it and make it a liquor exchange. The rules were that you could only spend $20, and it must come from the liquor store. There was a lot of fireball.... a whole lot of fireball. 

Each present was opened.... wine, fireball, vodka.... but then this happened: Mariachi Tequila. My friend Heather has a cruel sense of humor.

The joke was on her though when things came full circle and she got iced....
Karma called...

The party was a great success, and everyone left with full bellies and smiles on their faces! Chipotle's catering is a great option for the next time you're having a bunch of friends over to watch football, wear tacky sweaters or celebrate a birthday! 

Thank you to Chipotle for providing catering for our Tacky Sweater party. 
All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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  1. What a fun party! You can't really go wrong with Mexican food and dog sweaters!

  2. The ice with the $20 bill is fantastic!! That really stinks about your sweater from Etsy, but the Walmart one you picked last minute looks great. I love how the pups got in the spirit, too.

  3. What a great idea for a comboy party! Who doesn't love Chipotle? YUM!
    I didn't realize you are a December baby too! My little guy is the 5th and I am the 16th! :)

  4. That sucks that the Etsy provider was a scam, but your backup is a lot of fun! Your pups looked so adorable in their sweaters! Chipotle sounds like the best option for catering for your party! I would have eaten so much!

  5. Love it! I've never used Chipotle for catering but that would be delicious! A liquor exchange is genius, whoever got that pack of fireball made out!

  6. The sadness I feel for missing this party can only be addressed by getting Chipotle today.

  7. We did our Ugly Sweater party this weekend too! Except we didn't have delicious Chipotle to go with it - great idea!

  8. What a great party!

    Chipotle is a great idea for catering!

  9. Oh my goodness, how did I not know they catered? Definitely keeping this in mind for any future parties.

  10. sounds like an awesome party.

  11. SO I have a Christmas party coming up, for ugly sweaters only.... I may go to Walmart and pick up that... Cause mine really isn't... anything but odd.

    Also... I want ALL the Chioptle.

  12. what an awesome party and great idea for catering ( and the gift exchange)

  13. It looks like your party was a huge success! We hosted a similar event a few years ago and loved it, so much fun! Xo, Stephanie

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