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08 November 2010

The WADEing pool for a job just grew by one

It's official, Wade Phillips, the worst coach ever is finially gone from the Cowboys. The Cowboys have started the NFL season 1-7 and the straw that broke the cowboy's back happened last night after a brutal beating by the Greenbay Packers yesterday, 45-7.

According to ESPN, Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys (and part time crypt keeper- I mean have you seen his wrinkles? You are rich, get a night cream!) fired Wade this morning.

Not to mention my boyfriend, Tony Romo, is out for the next several games due to a fractured clavicle. See ya Cowboy's postseason, see ya fantasy football victory...

Woe is me!

Or WADE-is-me, if you will...

I'll be back when my depression wears off Venus Lovers...

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