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18 November 2010

Thirsty Thursday: You're Invited!

Cocktail Time!

When: Thanksgiving Day
Time: 12:30, Kickoff of the first football game (Lions vs. Pats)

This year it's just Mr. Venus and myself sharing Thanksgiving together. Our families are each far away which makes me very sad. But I am very happy to get to spend our first married Thanksgiving together! Here are some refreshing cocktails you can share at your Thanksgiving get together. These drinks are meant to be shared with many friends and family over a great football game!

I snagged these drink ideas off Glamour and best of all, in true Venus fashion, they are all under 200 calories!

 Alternate Mudslide

Doesn't this look like a yummy choice in front of a warm, crackling fire with the game on the big screen while you watch your hubby hang the Christmas decorations?

1 splash Peppermint Schnapps
1/3 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
1/3 oz. Kahlua

Pour the Bailey's first. Then tilt the glass and pour theKahlua in so it slides under the Baileys and forms a distinct sepearte layer. Finally pour the Peppermint Schnapps in last and settle out on top. If done correctly there will be three distinct color layers and the concoction will taste like a peppermint patty.


Sour Apple Martini

I had no idea this was lower calorie but it only packs in about 160 calories vs. around 250 or more for the traditional cosmo.

2 oz. DeKuyper Sour Apple
2 oz. Vodka
1 splash 7 up
1 splash sour mix

Shake with ice and strain into a cold martini glass. Garnish with a think apple slice


I will personally be toasting life with some bubbly on Thanksgiving. There are so many things I am Thankful for and one is a tasty treat like Champagne with only 85 calories per serving! I'll take seconds please!

Happy Thanksgiving Venus Lovers!

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