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19 November 2010

I thought it wasn't cheating if you are sexting a different area code?

Right now there are several people on the HOT seat so to speak. Tony Parker is target numero uno right now!

Tony Parker

Nothing gets my blood pumping like a hollywood/sports star battle in the media. It is all so entertaining. He said this, she said that, she looked crooked at me, he made a rude hand motion behind my back, blah blah blah. 

Their (Eva and Tony) split stems from reports that Tony has been running up their texting bill. Side effects from this was the discovery of Tony's sexting habit. Tony allegedly was having a sexting relationship with his ex-teammate's gal pal, Erin Berry. Although they were reportedly having a sexting relationship, they claim it is over and they never maintained any form of physical relationship. I have such a hard time typing on my iphone sometimes it just seems like you would have a serious case of carpel tunnel after a sexting relationship (and arthritis is your wrist if you are Tony---- from the follow through of your jump shot I mean!)

What is the deal with all these athletes sexting abuse issues? Bret Farve is doing it so everyone else has to do it too? 

Well, from a girl's perspective, it appears chivalry is dead. It used to be girls were courted for months and a guy would finally get the guts to kiss the young lady goodnight on her front stoop after walking her home. Now a days you don't even get so much as a big mac before pro athletes are texting you pics of their junk. 

If I were AT&T or Verizon I would add a sexting plan. It would be a separate charge for MMS messages that house pictures of their dude parts. When you send this message it will have a warning message before the receiver opens it:

DISCLAIMER: only open if you are a tramp and have no desire to start a family with a respectable man. If you have zero self esteem and no motivation for life check the I accept message button. 

Instead of picture messaging it can be called junk mail!

"You've got Junk Mail!"

 You can cut me a check later AT&T and Verizon. I'll make the app for that.

And the icing on the cake is that Tony Parker has already hired a lawyer for the divorce, the same guy that is representing Brent Berry, Erin Berry's ex! I'd like to go to that Lawyer's client appreciation party!

Happy JMS-ing Venus Lovers!


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