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19 July 2018

Wine and LaCroix Straight to Your Door

Thank you to Boxed for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

Y'all, physically driving to a store is just so RETRO! It's 2018, there are way better ways to go about buying your products than actually buying them in a store, when there are websites out there like BOXED that ships all your favorite supplies right to your door.

I was just talking to some co-workers about living in NYC. First, let me say I'm never leaving Dallas. CB owns a business here, and I have a whole Instagram account that would be a total waste if I left.  This is my city - BUT - just for the sake of talking, we were discussing living in NYC.

It was only about 5 or 6 years ago when I would have said NO WAY JOSE to living in a place like NYC where no one owns a car. All I could think - what a total pain in the butt it would be to buy anything large. I also thought of the way I look when I buy 10+ bags of groceries. It's like I'm deathly allergic to making more than one trip from the 9 foot walk from my trunk to the front door. (It's really more of a lazy thing, even though it's harder work. Odd, I know.) The idea of carrying bags and bags of groceries down the streets of Manhattan while the clackers from Devil Wears Prada trot on by me without a care in the world, used to be enough to deter me alone.

But now, in 2018, with a website like Boxed that delivers larger sizes of your favorite products so you don't run out... you know, it just doesn't seem too hard anymore.

New York, Dallas, it doesn't matter. We're all wanting convenience delivered right to our front door - and it exists! What a time to be alive.
I tried my new favorite delivery service, Boxed for the first time (p.s. 👉🏻 use code: DALLAS10 for 10% off your first order and free shipping) and it did not disappoint. Unlike other retailers, they really value supporting local businesses in the area. For example, they've launched lots of great local products like Yellowbird Hot Sauce, and Express service which delivers fresh and frozen products on-demand, everything from avocados and buns to steak and seafood, perfect for summer grilling!

They actually have a local fulfillment center and a huge community in Dallas! Every box is compact on packaging, includes a handwritten note and even a free activity kit for families (mine came with a corn hole creativity kit)! Plus, premium samples with every order. Mine had almonds and hint fruit infused water. 

They have everything from LaCroix (20% cheaper than retail) to Pringles to even wine!

 What can I say, Life is Rainbows and Unicorns in 2018, kids! 

Want to take 10% off your first Boxed order plus free shipping? You don't need a membership, just use my code DALLAS10 and you're all set to start shopping! 

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