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30 July 2018

The Best Mosquito Treatment Service in Dallas + A Fun Summer Backyard Party Game Idea

Thank you TruGreen for sponsoring this post.

I'm not sure what is so delicious about my skin to mosquitoes but they find it as tasty as I find a a thin crust pizza with extra cheese and extra sauce. Once May hits, I pretty much don't step foot in my back yard until about late October. I can't stand spraying bug spray because I have to use the super mega deep woods stuff and that smells so foul. I had heard a few of my friends talk about some mosquito treatment services in Dallas, but I just assumed our backyard was way too gone for that. I learned that I was very wrong when a TruGreen lawn care specialist came out last week to treat our yard for mosquitoes.

We have a massive backyard, it has so much potential for entertaining and Summer enjoyment but we just never go out there. We had a party coming up so we're so excited to not only try the TruGreen Mosquito Plus treatment our friends had told us about, but they were also going to give us a lawn care consultation. CB handles our yard, and works his butt off on it, but has struggled to keep it green, unable to understand why.

Rod met us at the house after work one day, which was super convenient that we didn't have to take time off work. He helped CB diagnose his lawn problem in legit 2 minutes. We have something called Chinch bugs which were destroying the lawn and making it impossible to grow grass. Rod told us that the mosquito treatment will actually kill those, and make our lawn ready to re-sod. He also said if we did spend the money to lay down sod without killing those first, the same problem would continue to persist forever.

Then we moved on to the mosquito treatment which was mind blowingly fast. For some reason I assumed that would take hours to do, it took about 5 minutes! TruGreen's mosquito plus treatment helps protect your family and friends from disease-carrying insects by targeting mosquitoes and ticks where they live, and ultimately eradicating them from your yard in 24 hours so that you can actually GO ENJOY THE OUTDOORS!

It's a 3 Step Process, here's how it works:
Step One: Inspect. Check your property for areas where mosquitoes are, or could be, living.
Step Two: Treat. TruGreen uses an innovative formula and targeted applications technique that works within 24 hours.
Step Three: Maintain. Receive a monthly treatment to help protect against biting mosquitoes throughout the season.

I also got a few tips from our TruGreen lawn expert Rod that you can use for keeping your lawn as green as possible this Summer:

1.Use fertilizer and weed control to eliminate weeds from your grass. 
A consistent lawn fertilizer and weed control program with TruGreen can stimulate growth and rid your lawn of bluegrass, dandelions, nettle and other allergy-producing weeds. When your weeds are eliminated, your grass can grow in a much healthier manner.

2. Water well
This one may sound obvious but watering is important and most lawns need about 1-2 inches of water per week. We live in Texas and are restricted to only watering on Sunday and Thursday nights, so make sure you are following the rules on WHEN you can water.

3. Mowing
Mow frequently to keep it weed-free and to ward off damaging insects. Never mow more than one-third off the grass height.

4. Keep mower blades sharp
Be sure to sharpen your lawnmower blades as rough blades will dry out and damage your lawn.

5. Don't miss the details to really make your lawn stand out
Edge and mulch flowerbeds and trim shrubs to keep them looking their best.

6. Tidy up 
Clear away debris, like fallen leaves, sticks and twigs and outdoor furniture and toys to help prevent unsightly dead patches made worse by the heat of the sun. 

What we will need to do to move forward with our lawn makeover is to lay new sod. Rod let us know that we will have to water the heck out of that sod, way more than twice per week. With that said, you can actually apply for a special watering permit from the city that allows you to water more than your allotted two days! This is critical seeing as 106 degree Dallas sun would totally ruin any money we spend on sod.

Now that our yard was mosquito free, we finally set up the lawn game that was EASILY THE BEST OUTDOOR PARTY GAME WE HAVE EVER PLAYED. 

You need this game in your life. We played it until the sun went down and we ran out of light that night.

Here are the two ingredients that you need for bucket basketball: 
1. Twelve 5 gallon buckets. 
We got ours for $2 a piece at firehouse subs (downside is they smell like pickles, upside is that the money goes to fire fighters)

If you prefer to not put yourself in a pickle, here they are on amazon.

1. Two Mini Basketballs
Get two different colors on Amazon HERE.

We made this game that was the hit of the party for about $46.
Can you believe that?
You play the game just like you would normal beer pong, only it's life size and way more fun.

So if you're like me and CB and you've just been putting off getting either a mosquito treatment OR a lawn consultation, give TruGreen a call. They'll arm you with everything you need to make your lawn the best in the neighborhood!

Next up for us is new sod and then Rod will come back out and help us maintain the perfect shade of green! Can't wait to show you guys some after pics!

Oh, and buy the bucket ball game and thank me later.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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