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02 July 2018

Two Easy Moonshine Cocktails to Rock Your July

This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Sugarlands Distilling Company

It's almost 4th of July my friends!  You guys know how much I absolutely love making cocktails, and what more festive holiday to whip up some (easy peasy) cocktails than for the 4th? Today I'm teaming up with Sugarlands Distilling Company to bring you not one but two easy cocktail recipes perfect for the 4th of July.

Every year, CB and I alternate where we go for both Christmas and July 4th. My mom lives in Virginia Beach, and his mom lives on Lake Granbury. As you can imagine, both are Independence Day hot spots. Thus, we alternate the holiday. Tomorrow after work, we are headed to VA Beach for nearly 5 days.

I'm particularly pumped to team up with Sugarlands Distilling Co. today though because they are located near and dear to my heart, literally! Sugarlands Distilling is located in downtown Gatlinburg, and I went to The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. My friends and I visited Gatlinburg several times a semester. After college, I stayed for another 4 years and spent even more time in the Great Smoky Mountains. It was such a fun weekend destination to pop in, go shopping at the outlet mall and visit a winery or distillery.

So when I had the opportunity to work with Sugarlands and support a local Gatlinburg business, I jumped on it! Although I haven't had the opportunity to tour their distillery yet (they opened in March 2014 - I moved to Dallas in August 2012) when you visit you can sample their spirits, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the still house and listen to live regional music on the Spirit Stage.

Sugarlands sent me two full bottles of their award winning moonshines: Pina Colada Moonshine and Blockader’s Blackberry Moonshine.  The Pina Colada combines the taste of fresh pineapple and coconut. Honestly it could be sipped on it's own it's that good! The blackberry moonshine tastes like fresh blackberries of course, but also has a hint of honeysuckle and lavender.

For the  Blockader’s Blackberry Moonshine cocktail I made a blackberry variation on the Salty Dog with grapefruit juice!

Blackberry Salty Dog
Makes One Cocktail

2 ounces Blockader's Blackberry Moonshine

4 Blackberries

1 ounce Simple Syrup

3 ounces Grapefruit Juice

2 Blackberries for Garnish

Sugar Rim

1 Lime Wedge for Sugar Rim


Begin by using a lime wedge to rim glass with sugar, then fill glass with ice. In your cocktail shaker, muddle your blackberries, add simple syrup, moonshine and grapefruit juice. Shake vigorously. Strain into glass over ice and serve! 

Champagne Moonshine Cocktail
Makes One Cocktail

2 ounces Sugarlands Pina Colada Moonshine 

Mixed Berries

Champagne Top


Muddle mixed berries (I used blueberries and raspberries) with moonshine and chill. When ready to serve, top with champagne! Legit, that easy.

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