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28 July 2017

The Only 7 Places You'll Find Me Outdoors this Summer

I truly, honestly think I've begun to adapt to Summer in Texas. Summers in Virginia and Tennessee are completely different. The Summer I grew up with is humid and sticky. The Summer in Texas boarders on torture, but as long as my hair isn't frizzing up into a big ball of fuzz, I can hang. With that said, most of the time you'll find me inside, but on the rare occasion I'm outside this Summer, here are the only places you'll find me!

1. Mutts

I have declared my love for Mutts on more occasions than I can count. For those who don't know, Mutts is a dog park that serves food, drinks and wifi. You can pay as you go, or purchase a membership. Gee, Veenie and I hang here all the time and all 3 of us highly recommend it. Well, Gee says there aren't enough squirrels, but other than that, we recommend.

2. The Golf Course
Normally I love playing golf, but the past two times CB and I have gone to play I've been TURRIBLE *Charles Barkley Voice*. I'm actively trying not to let the number of worm burners I've hit recently kill my spirit!

3. Our patio

Once I load up on the mosquito repellent, I love lounging with the pups on the patio! Side note, anyone know of any alternatives to bug spray that work? I'm not talking some frufru nonsense, because I'm a mosquito magnet and I normally need the deep woodsmen strength spray. Has anyone tried the bracelets? Help a sister out!

4. The Adolphus Pool Deck

And NO, not just because that's where we are getting married.

Ok, JK, yes that's exactly why!

5. Trinity Groves

One of the best views in Dallas is on the pedestrian walkway at Trinity Groves. If you're visiting Dallas, this is where you need to go take photos. It's always crowded, BUT, there's plenty of room for everyone!

6. In Front of a Mural

Y'all know I can't quit the murals! They're all just SO AMAZING these days, and perfect for the gram! The heat is totally bearable when you've got a colorful background behind you.

7. Ice Cream on a Patio

You can't have a list about Summer that doesn't include Ice Cream outside! As a RaceTrac ambassador this Summer (see my previous collabs with this awesome brand HERE), you know I have to stay true to a little ice cream shop you might not have thought of visiting, RaceTrac's Swirl World. Ours even has a cute little patio and picnic tables to sit and hang out while you eat your ice cream.

RaceTrac's Swirl World offers self-serve frozen treats including frozen yogurt, ice cream and Italian ice. You can swirl as many together as you like, and even add a variety of toppings. You also have the choice of cup, sugar cone and waffle cone.

Here in Texas, during the Swirl World promotion through the end of July, cones are just 79 cents! Even after the month comes to a close, Swirl World is still way more affordable than those ice cream joints that nickel and dime you to death!

Even better, you still have a few days (through 7/31) left to enter the #HowYouSwirlWorld contest! I'm giving away a $50 RaceTrac gift card, all you have to do is tweet or instagram using the tag: #HowYouSwirlWorld, and tag me, @iamsarahwebb! That simple.

So, where are the only places you can be found outside this Summer? 

Thank you to RaceTrac for sponsoring this post!
All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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