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05 July 2017

I bought a car and it was mostly awful


I have no freaking clue. The calendar says Wednesday but the number of coffee cup refills screams Monday. I, unlike the rest of DFW, did not have Monday off so that is leaving me extra confused.

I'll just get straight to today's post:
I bought a car and it was mostly awful

My Dad sold Ford cars for 35 years so I like to think car buying and haggling is in my blood. My lease was up on my car, and I had to make a decision quickly on what I wanted. I was at an event called Taste of Dallas a few weeks ago and saw the "Sport" edition of the Escape and fell in love. This car is sharp, and dare I even say - sexy - I was in love. I was on the lookout for a black on black Ford Escape, black car, black rims. This car was like a unicorn, only two in the entire metroplex.

The first dealership didn't have the right engine in the car. I didn't want to have to floor the gas in order to merge onto the highway, so I had to scratch that one off the list. Good thing, because that dealership was supposed to be looking for the exact car I wanted, and offered to ship it when they found it. Well, they never called me back. Even though I called repeatedly, they couldn't be bothered to call me back.

Car buying is fun.

So I found the right car with the right power all the way over in Garland.  Garland is far, and a total nightmare to get to in Dallas rush hour traffic. After an hour drive, I get out of the car and am immediately greeted by a salesman.

I told him I wanted the black on black sport escape on the lot. He goes, "I don't know that we have a car like that, but we can certainly go look." I of course know they have the car - because, internet.

I then explain that my car lease is up, so there will not be a trade in. He says, ok let's go inside and find this car.



I literally gasp, "oh!"

I had done all of the talking, CB hadn't said a word. Yet, this man felt it necessary to acknowledge the man first. CB gave me a look like, is this dude serious? I was blown away.

The rest of the car buying process went EXACTLY like this handshake. I was treated like a dumb girl who needs an apron and a baking sheet. I was repeatedly called ma'am in a condescending, you don't know what you're talking about, kind of way.

It was insanely frustrating, and although I am a confident haggler, this particular guy made the whole process miserable.

It's 2017, why are women not treated equally at a car dealership?
Why are we made to feel like morons?

I was doing my best to work this guy, and get the deal I wanted. After giving him my non-negotiable, stern, I'm not playing around price, he turns to CB and goes...
"We should call her Jesse James!" 

First of all, I have no idea what that means, but I assume he was trying to say to CB, "aww how sweet, she's trying to haggle. That's so cute you let her out of the kitchen to play for the evening. Those women of ours, they need adventure too."

If CB were telling this guy his price, would he be given cutsie nicknames? What if CB gave him a low ball price offer (because we are HAGGLING HERE), would that guy turn to me and go, "We should call him Jesse James!"

Not a chance.

The whole thing was insanely frustrating and now I want to open an all female car dealership. I've seen all female mechanic shops, and it was AWESOME. We need a female car dealership where we are treated with respect... because I dunno, it's 20 damn 17!!!!!

end rant.

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