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12 July 2017

A Dallasite's Weekend Guide to WinStar World Casino

One of our absolute favorite weekend getaways from Dallas is to WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. It's a super easy drive from Dallas, under an hour and a half, and an awesome, easy weekend getaway with something for everyone. When they contacted me and asked if I wanted to come have 24 hours of fun, well that was a no-brainer! HECK YES I DO! 

WinStar has everything you could ever want in a resort. They of course have a full casino complete with poker room, black jack tables and more slot machines than you could ever imagine. In addition to the casino, the resort is jam packed with amenities like a world-class spa, 36 holes of golf with unlimited bottles of water included at every turn, MIST their night club and two beautiful resort style pools with a full service bar. 

This past Friday, I took a half day at work and headed to Denton (on the way to WinStar) to pick up CB for our 24 hours of excitement at WinStar. I had already hit the ATM, one thing I certainly recommend doing before you go to avoid any ATM fees at the casino. On the way, we had lunch at Rusty Taco which makes for a great pit stop to break up the drive. 

Oh, and makes for great content for Dallas Love List. But that is neither here nor there, jk Dallas Love List content it's always here AND there. Whatever that means.

After tacos, we jumped in the car and hopped back on the highway. The drive from Denton was a short 45 minutes. When we got to WinStar we dropped our car off with the valet which is TOTALLY FREE! Not bad, right?

For the trip, we had VIP check-in which made things SO SMOOTH. I don't think we waited more than 2 minutes to get checked in and get our keys to the room. Our room was on the 16th floor, and the view was incredible.

The bathrooms at WinStar have what I like to call Oprah lighting. I might be aging myself here, but do you remember watching Oprah and her guests were always GLOWING. Their eyes glistened, their skin looked miraculous and it was all because her set had such incredible lighting. That's the same lighting that WinStar's bathrooms have.

I of course took a shameless selfie to document.

We immediately unloaded and headed for the pool.
And by pool I mean pool bar.

We only stayed for a few hours for two reasons. Reason one, I'm not totally convinced that I acutally have pigment in my skin, so I burn way too quickly even slathered in 50SPF, and two we had a very exciting date with The Spa at WinStar.

Both CB and I had spa appointments. CB was getting a classic massage, while I had a "glow" package lined up that I was so giddy about. The glow package included a full body exfoliation/moisturizing two hour treatment.

My whole body was dry brushed, which essentially felt like a glorious back scratch that I constantly beg CB to give me (lolss), followed by exfoliation via sugar scrub, a hydrating body wrap and aromatherapy oil application.

This treatment was EV-ER-EY-THING.

It was the best of both worlds. If you're looking for a massage, this is the way to go. If you're looking for a deeply conditioning, reparative and moisturizing skin treatment this is also the way to go. She worked out all of my kinks (there were quite a few), helped with the pain I have in my neck from when I do spin class and left my skin feeling SILKY SMOOTH. I seriously couldn't stop touching my skin. It was incredible.

The only downside was how sad I felt when it came to an end! But, alas, it was time to have dinner and party the night away with CB.

CB loved his massage as well, but since his was a bit shorter, when he finished up he headed down to the poker room while I got ready for the evening.

For dinner, we went to their Italian restaurant called Capisce Ristorante Italiano. I had a drity gin martini (always my go to) and the gnocchi which was excellent and CB had the special ravioli for the evening and a glass of pinot noir.

We also gambled, duh! I loved the new kiosks for reprinting your player's club card. The player's club card is their reward system. In the past, reprinting a card has kind of been a pain in the butt, but this was so easy, the kiosk printed mine in all of 2 minutes.

After some slots and blackjack, we called it a night.

We woke up the next morning, excited for golf at 10am! The course was actually just expanded to 36 holes, so we were pumped to have the privilege of getting to play! There are two, full 18-hole courses: Redbud and Scissortail. We were assigned to Redbud, and much to my relief we didn't have to pair up with anyone! Even though I'm really not bad at golf, I get nervous hitting in front of other people, that was SUCH a relief.

It was swelteringly hot outside (hello, Oklahoma in July) and CB and I were both RIDICULOUSLY impressed by the amount of water available to us on the course. The only kind of water I prefer to see on a course is via bottles, as opposed to bodies of water I have to hit my golf ball over to reach the green.

It felt like every few holes there were giant coolers filled with ICE COLD bottles of water so we could stay hydrated. There were even towels iced down to drape over your neck. It was a really lovely touch that did not go unnoticed.

Speaking of lovely touches, I didn't have the "touch" around the greens that day. I didn't play very well, but CB and I sure had a blast spending the day on the links together.

After golf, we loaded up our clubs, said our goodbyes and headed for the highway.

We had such a wonderful time and of course will be back sooner rather than later.
Partially because I forgot to cash in my voucher from the slot machines, but mostly because WinStar is such an easy and awesome getaway from Dallas for a weekend of fun.

Plus, I hear that my boy Willy Nelson will be there in November at the Global Event Center and I couldn't possibly miss that event for the world!

For more info on WinStar and to book a room, check out their website HERE!

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