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15 January 2019

Six Tips to Find Fitness Motivation in 2019

Thank you to all of the brands that make Venus Trapped in Mars possible! This post is sponsored by, but all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

Thirty one, this was the year of my life when my body REALLY started to show the effects of aging. I'm not talking about wrinkles or grey hair, I'm talking about my actual body changing. My whole life, I've had a flat stomach. My problem areas were (are) my butt and legs. Well now, it seems to be everywhere is a problem. I need to make fitness a top priority now, more than ever to combat time taking me past age 30. I need to find fitness motivation in 2019.

Not to mention just improving my general health. After our wedding and wanting to look great in the dress, I pretty much "enjoyed myself" for what went from a couple of weeks to many months. I wasn't working out, and I was eating. As you probably know, I run Dallas Love List which is essentially a free meal whenever I want it. All of my friends are food bloggers, so we'd go out to dinner together all the time, having apps, desserts, multiple entrees for the table to photograph plus cocktails - several times a week. SEVERAL TIMES PER WEEK.

In December, things really got out of hand as they tend to do for everyone. I just kept thinking, just get to January and I'll make changes. So now, here we are. As of about a month ago, I turned 32 years old and feel like a stranger in my own body. This isn't MY BODY. There's no way. What the hell happened here.

The hardest part for me is finding fitness motivation. It comes time to work out and I find any excuse to not get my butt in gear. My biggest excuse is usually that I've recently straightened my hair. Recently could be 4 days ago, and I'll still use it as a reason to not workout.

I AM DONE THOUGH. No more excuses. Maybe typing this out will help. So here are 6 tips to help  find motivation to workout in 2019.

My workout clothes are SO OLD. I think I legit have a workout bra in my drawer from high school. HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!! WHY! I 100% have workout shorts from high school softball too. WHO AM I??? (Answer: not Marie Kondo).

I have two new products from Under Armour (one of my favorite fitness brands of all time) that you're going to love to add to your workout clothes drawer.

The first is this great Under Armour Seamless Longline Bra which is SO comfortable and great when you just need light, all day support. I don't have huge boobs, so this is perfect for me.

The second product I'm loving is......... no joke, PJs.
Yes, but they're workout related, I promise, hear me out.

It's an Athlete Recovery Jumpsuit from Under Armour. This sleepwear is legit designed to help athletes recover faster, get more sleep and wake up feeling ready to do it all again the next day. The jumpsuit is designed with Celliant within the fabric, which has been determined by the FDA to increase localized circulation, leading to faster recovery.

Also, Drew said my butt looked good in it so I guess it also is good for your love life. (This is not tested by the FDA, but I'm sure Drew and I would volunteer if they needed subjects, LOLS!)


I've already checked this one off my list. Back in November, Drew and I bought a Peloton. I cancelled my Class Pass membership, and Drew cancelled with Planet Fitness. Between both of us cancelling, it was the same price as the monthly payment on the Peloton. I love spin, but I hate getting up at the butt crack of dawn (read also, lazy) to get to a studio before work. Now I have time to do a workout I really like, in the privacy of my own home.

I'm working on a full Peloton blog post, but in the meantime - feel free to ask any questions you like!


If there's anything I have to have it's LOUD MUSIC. I mean music that blasts you out of the room. Although the Peloton for a normal human it is plenty loud, I could really use Nicki Minaj blasting even louder in my ears to get motivated to kill it.

I just started using the AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Headphones. They're so great because they not only fit securely but sound awesome!! I love that they're not IN MY EAR. That always grosses me out for some reason. To take $50 off “Endurance Bundle” for AfterShokz Trekz Air and AfterShokz Trekz Titanium you can use code “BABBLEBOXX”!


My workout motivation is so often sabotaged by soreness and pain from muscles that aren't used to being worked out. I'll skip a day in between classes because I'm sore. Then that skipped day turns to two days, which turns to three, which then turns to a weekend off. Then all of a sudden I'm back to Monday and finally now ready to workout again.

By adding the Tiger Balm Patch and Tiger Palm Ultra Ointment you can contour to the area of your body you need pain relief most, by providing penetrating heat to joint pain, stiff muscles and backaches! Getting you back to your workout schedule way faster!


When you're tired, a workout is the first thing to go. Or - your workout is worthless because you half ass it. Zero energy = major lack of motivation to get moving.

You guys need to try CELSIUS. You just pour a packet into your water bottle and you'll be able to capitalize on an added energy boost. I like to pour this in my water right before I leave work, then I'm ready (and hyped up) to hop in the bike when I get home. It is available in four flavors, so if cranberry lemon isn't your thing, try their orange, berry or coconut flavors! 


In December, I had a media dinner, party or had to work late on the calendar EVERY SINGLE DAY. EVERY DAY.

If I go out to dinner or don't get home until late, I'm not going to workout.

For Q1, I'm setting myself up for success through my calendar. I'm saying no to all food related media events during the work week. If someone wants to hang, we can do it on the weekend or at a healthy lunch. My nights are dedicated to fitness and eating healthy.

I'm not leaving my schedule up to chance. If it involves food, it'll have to wait until the weekend. I don't want to give myself the option to cheat on being healthy in January.

WITH THAT SAID, I know if I don't have anything on the calendar, I'll be miserable. So I'm also making it a point to fill my calendar with non-food related fun. I have some fun collaborations coming up with a nail salon, a blow-out salon and a few different pop up color museums in the area. There are lots of great things to go do that don't involve eating a million calories!

Those are my tips for finding fitness motivation in 2019. Do you have any tips you'd add to my list that have worked for you?? I'd love to know more so maybe I can adopt them myself! Let me know in the comments below! 

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