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07 April 2017

Things To Do in Miami || Guide to Wynwood Walls

I go to Miami every single year for a 10 day work trip. Sadly, I generally have very little free time during the day to go explore the colorful, electric city that is Miami. There are so many fun things to do in Miami, and, if I'm lucky, will have one afternoon on my trip to try and cram an adventure in. This was my 5th year going to Miami, and I made it my mission to go see Wynwood Walls.

On our last day of Miami Boat Show setup -- the reason I'm in Miami each year -- we finished early. While my co-workers all went to take a nap, I called a Lyft and rode the 10 minutes from our downtown hotel to Wynwood. 

I'll start by showing you guys the street art in the area designated as "Wynwood Walls". Whatever you do, don't just go to this section and then leave. Explore the entire neighborhood. Give yourself at least half a day in this hood. 

Yes, I'm perpetually pale, so I don't exactly appreciate the beach like most people do, but I promise leaving South Beach for the day will be worth it.  

The Official Wynwood Walls Exhibit Murals

I am confident that this place gets PACKED on the weekends, but I was there on a beautiful February Wednesday afternoon and I had very little trouble getting photos of the murals, sans people. 

In addition to the walls, there are also more insta-worthy finds stashed away, just peek around corners and you'll be rewarded. 

There are also a couple of little indoor exhibits on premise, like the Peter Tunney Experience. Be sure to dip inside each of those.

I mean, they're air conditioned so why the heck not!

There's also a little cafe inside Wynwood Walls, but there are a plethora of other options (probably less expensive) scattered all over the neighborhood. When you exit, you'll run right into Lala Land across the street.

Go get you a mojito, I insist! Plus, connected to Lala Land is the most fab cacti/suclent shop you ever did see.

Now, if I'm wrong and you get arrested, I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure you can walk around the hood with your cocktail. That's what the Lala Land mojito expert told me, but he also appeared to be on "HIGH-land time" if you get my drift.

HAH - HIGHland time. I just made that up. I laugh too hard at my own jokes.

Next, walk down 27th street (come out of Lala Land, turn right which is 2nd Ave, then make a left down 27th) and in a few blocks you'll run into the most epic full-mural building ever, The Wynwood Building. This building houses several businesses, and I grabbed a cold brew (#DoubleFisting) from Miam Cafe.

From there, I walked back toward 2nd Ave - constantly looking around AND down as I went.

Snapping pictures the entire time!

Walking back down 2nd, I found the trippy building known as Wynwood Block which had several shops and a place to grab a cold beer while you sit outside and marvel and the wall art.

I was already double fisting coffee and a mojito, so I just snapped my photos.

How cool does this pattern look in my sunnies?!?!

Finishing my mojito and still quite thirsty, I headed south down 2nd Ave in search of a frosty, frothy beverage to wet my whistle...

Turning left down 24th, I found the tropical oasis I had been looking for - Gramps!
Complete with authentic Floridian mosquitos - the gift that keeps on giving!

It had the word pizza in the sign, you think I didn't stop???

After a beer and 48 welts on my legs from the loving, welcoming group of mosquitos visiting Miami on holiday (yes, they were wearing tropical shirts and everything) I had to head back to my hotel to meet the guys from work for dinner.

I was in Wynwood for about 4 hours and didn't get to see every mural. Not even close.

Y'all know how much I love street art, and Wynwood was legit the mecca. Next time you visit Miami, do not leave Wynwood off your list. The beach will still be there when you're finished posing in front of some of the best murals I've ever seen.

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