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18 April 2017

Chips Salsa Repeat


A MEDIUM FASHION POST!! It's been a hot minute!

A girlfriend of mine (who I actually met through Helene, what, 4 years ago!??!Ally, and I share a love for food --- well, that and a love for taking pictures of our food.  Helene and Ally have been friends for forever, and I'm so grateful they let this Dallas newbie in to their circle!

Side note, I will have been in Dallas 5 years in August. Am I still a newbie at this point??? 

Now, while I just have an iPhone and a wildly patient boyfriend that let's me snap 100 of the exact same picture of the hamburger before anyone can touch, Ally is actually a professional photographer. She knows what she is doing, with a real camera and super mega lens that is pure magic. 

We try to get together and try new restaurants at least once a month.  If you're into this kinda thing -- which I hope you are, and I hope you follow Dallas Love List for all of the best places to visit😂 -- thsee are the places we've tried together, and highly recommend you visit the next time you find yourself in the Big D!

Pink Magnolia || Oak Cliff
(I clearly didn't take that photo, Ally did) 
Grayson Social || Downtown
Zatar || Deep Ellum
Dandelion Cheesecakes || Carrollton
Joy Macarons || Oak Cliff
Pok The Raw Bar || West Village
Brewed + Pressed || West Village

Last week Ally asked if I wanted to hit The Standard Pour and get some pictures of the new LikeToKnow.It mural by Alli K Design. I'm sure you've seen this mural ALL OVER INSTAGRAM, but I gotta admit it is very cute.

Plus, I did buy a skirt that I can actually link on Like To Know It, as opposed to everything else I own which is from Ross or TJ Maxx. That seemed like a good enough occasion to me!

If you need a photographer in the Dallas area, you HAVE to hit up Ally! She's your girl!! Plus, you'll probably get to share a cheeseboard after so why the heck would you not?

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