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13 September 2018

His and Her Small Bedroom Closet Makeover with The Container Store Organization Studio in Dallas

I am the least organized person in the history of the world. Ok, maybe that is dramatic but I'm certainly the messiest, least organized person in blog land. Everyone else seems to have a tidy nook for every trinket. I, on the other hand have a ton of trinkets that are usually thrown all over the floor. We live in a remodeled old house with old bones and old-style tiny master bedroom closets. The space is small and the organization is non-existent. Thanks to the Organization Studio which is only available at The Container Store’s new Next Generation Store in Dallas, they helped me complete revamp, organize and maximize my small master bedroom closet and makeup desk.

Before I jump into the actual insane transformation that The Container Store managed to pull off for me, you need some background on me as an organized, tidy person. 

I was that kid in school with the messy desk that got called out at parent teacher conference. I have always been messy, it's just in my blood, part of who I am as a person. 

In my 31 years on this planet, I've never actually had a system in place to help with my messiness. I've been to The Container Store in the past but never really taken it seriously past getting a couple of hangers for my skirts or a bin to use in the bathroom. 

Their Northwest Highway location across from North Park Mall got a massive, tech savvy makeover and debuted their new Organization Studio. This studio was MADE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME. It's made for the person who walks into The Container Store, lovingly admires all of the organization tools, but then gets overwhelmed because they have zero idea how to execute.

SPECIAL: When you make an appointment and meet 1-on-1 with an Organization Expert by 10/31, mention code ORGSTUDIO10 at the register for 10% off the in-store purchase of your solution (exclusions apply). 
*Disclaimer: This is only available at the Northwest Highway store in Dallas

Here's how it works: 
1. Identify an area of your home that's a challenge to keep organized. 
For me that was all of it but for the sake of time we'll say the master closets and my makeup area. Oh, and did I mention I married someone as unorganized as me. Yeah, CB is in the messy boat with me. 

2. Upload Images and Describe Your Challenge
You can do this all on their Organization Studio website! 

3. Meet One-On-One 
This is all totally free. You'll meet an expert in store (we met with Chris!) who will analyze your space from the photos and challenges you described, then offer a complete solution with a variety of their products. 

I didn't have to do any of the hard work which was figuring out WHAT it was I need to get that small space organized. I just had to physically tackle the project. Chris picked out everything she knew would make my life easier, from a place to my shoes, to extra (stylish) storage everywhere, and a place for every last item. 

Ok let me show you what we did! 

CHALLENGES: I had no storage at all. Everything was thrown everywhere and it was a giant mess. Anyone who saw that in person would seriously be disgusted by me. I'm SORRY GUYS I AM JUST CHALLENGED WITH ORGANIZATION! 

Chris saved the day by suggesting this acrylic makeup organizer which gave me a place for everything from eyeshadow to lipstick and makeup brushes. If you get ONE THING to help you with your makeup area, get that. 

BEFORE whoa boy



CHALLENGE: My closet is tiny with no place for shoes. I had the shoes on crappy shelving I had from my very first apartment. It looked like a terrible mess. 



and saving the best for last....

CHALLENGE: CB is me in guy form. Drew had the largest collection of incredibly assorted wire hangers I'd ever seen. He also was holding on to super old clothes that needed to be donated. ALSO - I was blown away by the number of items he felt compelled to hang on a hanger. 

We were able to move tons of shirts to the drawers to free up room so he could actually see what clothing he owned. 

This "after" shot certainly packs the most bang for your buck! 




White elfa Wide 7-Runner Frame White, elfa Wide Mesh 1-Runner White and elfa Wide Mesh 2-Runner White, with elfa Wide Melamine Top White

White 2 Tier Stackable Mesh Shelf

4 Shelf Shoe Stacker in White

Joy Huggable Hangers

Farmhouse Storage Box and Cube

32 compartment drawer organizer

Linen Drop Front Sweater Box and Purse Box

So, how did we do?!?!!? Thank the lord for two people. One, my mom who helped me tackle this project while she was visiting last weekend.... and Chris from The Container Store Organization Studio! 

Stay tuned because there's one more project I'm going to tackle for you guys, my office! 

Have you been wanting help with a project but didn't know where to start? You're in luck because The Container Store has so graciously offered 10% off an in-store purchase to my DFW readers when you make an appointment and meet 1-on-1 with an Organization Expert at the Northwest Highway store in Dallas by 10/31! Just mention code ORGSTUDIO10 at the register for the discount (exclusions apply).

Thank you so much to The Container Store for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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