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23 October 2017

#DrinkOnFleek || Absolut Vodka Paloma

This post is sponsored by Pernod Ricard, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

You guys know by now how much I adore making cocktails. Sometimes I wonder if my friends come over to actually see and hang out with me, or to just drink my cocktail creations. If you need more of my cocktail recipes, just click that cocktails link at the top of the screen, there's a full rundown!

When I visited Austin a few months ago, I noticed a major trend on every single menu that I really wasn't seeing in Dallas, and that was a Paloma made with mezcal. Traditionally, Palomas are made with tequila but I thought, if we can make it with tequila, then surely we can make it with vodka.

I'm partnering up today with Absolut Elyx to bring you my current favorite cocktail recipe, the Paloma, with a luxury vodka twist. Absolut Elyx is a single estate, copper crafted vodka, and the entire production of the brand takes place in just a 15 mile radius, so they have control over every step of the production from seed to bottle. Essentially, they are able to guarantee their high quality.

You're also probably wondering (read also: DYING OVER) about the copper pineapple stemware shown in my pics, and guess what YOU CAN BUY THAT RIGHT HERE AT THE ELYX BOUTIQUE! What's really cool, and brings everything full circle is that copper actually plays the lead role in the production of Absolut Elyx. For the perfect raw spirit for Elyx, they achieve maximum contact with copper by using sacrificial copper, which is called copper catalyzation. The raw spirit is further rectified using a vintage copper still from 1921 which is hand operated to make their unique fine spirit. Only a few people are trained to use the copper still, so it is still hand operated. 

Because of the incorporation of copper, you'll notice a rich silky taste and an exceptionally smooth finish. I personally want to note this vodka could honestly be sipped alone, but today I thought I'd feature it in my favorite, a Vodka Paloma!

The Vodka Paloma


2oz Absolut Elyx 
3 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
soda water 
coarse salt for rim


Lay coarse salt out on plate and run lime wheel around rim of copper pineapple. Dip the rim into the salt then fill pineapple with ice. Combine Absolut Elyx, grapefruit juice and fresh lime juice in your pineapple and stir. Then fill remainder of glass with soda water and garnish with lime wheel and grapefruit slice.

For more recipes made with Absolut Elyx, or to shop all of their copper stemwear, visit their Elyx Boutique HERE!

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