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12 September 2017

Why Is Finding a Honeymoon Destination So Difficult?

CB and I made an attempt at knocking out some wedding planning last night. Do I feel like we deserve an award for working so hard at the wedding for a solid 97 minutes? Yes, but that is not the point of today's post. 

Last night we sat down and worked on finding a way to print our invitations. I designed them but I don't want to just send them over to kinkos or something, I want them to be printed on really nice paper and maybe even have the print fill the envelope lining. Not sure yet how the heck to do that, will get back to you on that. Or, if you have any insight here, I'm all ears. 

We also did a little digging into our honeymoon. This is, in fact, what today's post is about. Talk about THE MOST OVERWHELMING process ever. 

Here are our requests: 
1. All inclusive 
2. Adults only
3. Not more expensive than the wedding itself 

I don't feel like this should be that difficult. We don't have a big preference on destination as long as there is either a great pool or beach, and a bar supplying unlimited cocktails for our enjoyment. 

Let me tell y'all - this honeymoon is more daunting than the wedding planning. Every site I go to offers 23323423423 destination options, 2348324123 sub destinations once you choose a destination, then 234234313423 hotels available in sub destination's destination, followed by 4-5 types/brands of hotel available in sub destination's destination. 


Anytime I go on a trip, take Austin for example, I use pinterest to see where bloggers have been. I just googled "the cutest hotels in Austin" or something like that. Up pops Hotel Van Zandt and Hotel Saint Cecilia. It was really that simple. 

If you Pinterest search "cutest all-inclusive honeymoon hotels" you just get a bunch of ads, hotels I could never afford (but MAYBE --- MAAAYYYYBBBEEEE Beyonce could) and then a photo of a sloth in what appears to be a small bin. 

After opening 18 tabs of different collections of hotels - i.e. Secrets, Beaches, Couples Resorts, Sandals, Boots, Moccasins, Fairytales, Tailwinds, Dreamwinds, Dreamboat, Dreamy McDreamerson - we gave up and watched football. 

Giving up and watching football, or baseball or grabbing beers has been the theme of our wedding process. It's all just SO OVERWHELMING. There are so many hotel options and I don't have any tabs in my browser or my brain left to open. 

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. We are poor (not really, but you get the point) and don't want to spend $10k on a honeymoon. Full disclosure, we really don't want to spend $5k or anywhere near that. 

Hit me with it straight, can we get an all-inclusive, adults only honeymoon at a cute hotel for under $4k? Or should we go ahead and start planning our trip to take our honeymoon in VA Beach where it's free to stay with my mom?***

***Mom, you're not allowed to answer this question, I know this is what you'd want. 

Also, if you know of any resources that are not spammy (I'm talking a lifestyle or travel blogger type website) that shared their honeymoon in somewhere like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Jamaica Etc. Etc. Etc., please let me know so I can go visit their page and maybe get less overwhelmed. 

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