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17 July 2010

Top Ten List... Are YOU guilty?

Have you ever caught yourself doing anything on this list? If so, this blog is for you.

10. Only cheering at a sporting event because there is a sign that says, "Yell Louder!"

9. Yelling, "Yay, touchdown!!!!" at a baseball game. (If you're wondering the problem with this phrase, no need to read the rest of the top ten list, just go ahead and become a follower of this blog)

8. Asking your man to hold your glass of wine while you snap facebook pics of how super cute you look in his hat turned to the side throwing the peace sign.

7. Only agreed to a superbowl party to watch the commercials

6. Only attend your local team's games on thirsty thursday because all the drinks are only $1.

5. Just enjoy looking at a man in uniform, (well, who doesn't!)

4. Asked the people you are with, "Why does that guy have a white pickett fence over there, and who is D anyways, is he the guy with the ball?"

3. Flipped the channel to sex and the city reruns with 3 seconds left in a playoff game.

2. Only know the athletes names who are currently dating the celebs in your US weekly

And the number one reason to make this blog your new go-to survival guide for all my girls trapped in mars...

1. You are with your boss and a few male co-workers and they are discussing the british open that took place over the weekend and you pipe in with, "I used to play tennis in high school!"

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If any of the above situations happen, what are the chances the men in your life, whether it be your boyfriend, your boss or a cute co-worker, will want to invite you to a game or strike up a conversation with you on sports. ZERO!

Career minded girls out there need to be able to strike up a convo with the boss about the British Open that went on this weekend (that is a GOLF tournament BTW!) because lets face it girls, I seriously doubt your 50 something male boss will come in egar Wednesday morning to discuss how much of a BIA Olivia was to Whitney on the City last night!

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  2. your blog idea is really cute, but for the sake of your time and any potential readers, it would be better to break your posts up into smaller chunks of information. Tests show that the average reader gets bored or overwhelmed with posts over 400 words. Just a thought- your content is great though! You could also get more ground out of each topic if you break it up over time so you don't run out of things to talk about. Just a little friendly advice! :) keep it up though- the idea is too cute!

  3. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for this comment. I need feedback just like this because I am very new to the blog world! Thank you and keep reading! <3 Venus!

  4. So I'm guilty of cheering the wrong sport at the game. I'll be sarcastic and say, "I wish the coach would put LeBron James in to score the winning goal." at a baseball game. It's really fun to see how crazy you can get with a group people, and for people around you to think you're crazy! haha


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